Domestic greenhouse gas emissions,for 5 years in a row decline in the use of renewable energy forward

4 on May 14 the Ministry of the Environment announced that the 2018 fiscal year of greenhouse gas emissions according to the greenhouse gas emissions of the final value is carbon dioxide(CO2)equivalent to 12 billion 4 million tons. Compared with the previous year 3. 9%decrease in FY14 after 5 years of consecutive decline, and in 1990 or later at least was. The reasons for the decline, as solar and other renewable energy, we proceed to use this at home and at work of energy-saving awareness penetration as cites.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry’s Agency for natural resources and Energy issued a”home of energy saving thorough implementation guide”, according to the home lighting is a 54W incandescent light bulb to a 9W light bulb shaped LED lamp replacing, if it’s just the amount of power 90kWh of energy-saving effect, approximately 2,430 yen in savings of that. CO2 reduction is 52. 8㎏only. Also, the air conditioning temperature in summer is 28 ° C,winter is 20 degrees setting, such as a household energy-saving behavior; I had been also large.

On the corporate side also,since the Great East Japan Earthquake and efforts to reduce CO2 to positive. For example, businesses use electricity to 100%renewable energy and to promote the International Business initiative”RE100″ In the year 2017, 4 April Japanese as a first RE100 participated in the Ricoh Group,in 2019, China, Thailand, Japan on A3 multifunction devices assemble of the production line, all the room use power renewable energy power to the Switch,sales offices and European sales companies 10 companies that use electric power to 100%renewable energy to power switching. Initiatives in Japan, the Gifu branch office of a thorough energy-saving and solar power generation and power storage device by the introduction of”Nearly ZEB”certification, the various branch offices,sales offices and expanding the ZEB aims to formulate a new plan.

2017 Year 10 month in the construction industry for the first time as a member of Sekisui House,by 2040 the entire group of Business Power 100% renewable energy conversion to achieve that. The company is the fixed price feed-in tariff scheme(FIT scheme)to exit the owner to the subject of home solar power generation facilities such as power plants surplus electricity to purchase,the company’s business power to use as the”Sekisui House owner can”to 2019 Years 11 months started from. In 2020 3 at the end of the program, subscribers 6,more than 500, in 2 months, and renewable energy purchase amount in the whole 673MWh/month have been reached. The company has received, the national housing exhibition 375 facilities and experience-type facilities for”living the Dream Factory”5 locations for a total of 380 locations, the renewable energy-derived electricity introduction to major house makers is first started.

Office supply center and mail order operations in 2017 11 December a member of the Access Co., Ltd. also by 2030, the entire group of renewable energy utilization rate of 100%to the goal, power and renewable energy rate enhancement when

RE100, as well as companies by the use of electric vehicles and promotion of environmental improvement the aim of the international initiative”EV100″we participate in,complex initiatives in a post-carbon society contribute to the realization of that.

These corporate initiatives for Japan’s energy situation supports this.

Business operations to 100%renewable energy not trying get Talk, long ago, from a fantasy I had. Across the country most of the nuclear power plant is stopped even now, the majority of for business power natural gas and coal, fossil fuels such as relying on a current situation only. Renewable energy, promoting the reduction of CO2 to achieve the goal, energy saving and energy creation, as well as each company’s initiatives, such as on a personal level still then, it can it. (Editor in charge:Imai, Shintaro)

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