Dominating the world with super white body color! GX71 Mark 2 / Cresta / Chaser 1

Mark 23 brothers debuted in August 1984. All of them had sharp styling and combined luxury and youthfulness. At that time, women who disliked sports cars as "sweaty" were also enthusiastic, which is why they are still supported by fans.

The interior is also luxurious, exceeding the class. The super luxury seats, which are standard equipment on high-end models equipped with a 1G-GEU engine, are like a sofa in a sitting room. The fluffy comfort was proof of the luxury domestic cars of the time.

In addition, it was around this time that a new color Super White appeared. Combined with a clean image with less turbidity than the previous white, the high-sofa boom is heated. Three brothers painted in this color overflowed. Super White was so popular that it was the most expensive in the used car market.

Mark 2 of the Prestige Saloon features a large fog lamp integrated front mask. The luxury grade Grande has become synonymous with Mark 2. The sales channel is Toyopet store [Toyota store in some areas]. The photo shows the 85-year hardtop grande 2000EFI twin cam 24.

The sporty saloon chaser is sold at the Toyota Auto shop. It features a hardtop only and features a diagonal grid front grille and horizontal taillights. Avante is comparable to the Grande. The photo shows the 24 model Avante 2000EFI Twin Cam 24.

The Cresta sold at the Toyota Vista store has a sedan body only and is positioned as a luxury personal sedan. The four-headed square headlamp features the first-generation Cresta. The grade comparable to Grande is Super Lucent. The photo shows the GT2000EFI Twin Cam 24 Twin Turbo 86 model.

Hachimaru Hero May 2009 vol.11 [All the contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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