Don't laugh: Yuki Amami is delighted by the appearance of Mayu Akutsu, “Queen's Classroom”

Actress Yuki Amami's variety program aired on December 31st, “A New Year's New Year Special Program for the New Year's New Year Special Program of“ Downtown Gaki's Use and Around! [Gaki Use] ”[Nippon Television] 24 o'clock! " Amami-san, dressed as the expressionless Shinya Akutsu who played in the “Queen's Classroom,” revealed the past of the members of the brat envoy including “Downtown” one after another. In addition, when Shoko Endo and Masamasu Tsukitei of "Cocolico" and "Forcibly" the material of "Hohohoi!" And "Ma!", There are also scenes where Amami laughs unbearably. there were.

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