Dorsey CEO of Twitter to donate about 300 million yen to the Mayor Union promoting minimum income security

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has $3 million in the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income (MGI), a 16-city federal mayor advocate for income security by the US federal government. I promised to donate. Dorsey's donation could help MGI combat the economic blow of the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

Jack Dorsey

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“This is one way to reduce the gap between wealth and income, eliminate structural inequalities by race and gender, and bring financial security to families,” Dorsey tweeted.

The IT industry has contributed to support for new coronavirus-related measures so far. Apple to prevent the spread of infection in ChinaDoubled the donationWas reported. Samsung has funded medical equipment purchases by local governments,Donate smartphonedoing.

Dorsey said in April that he will contribute $1 billion (about 110 billion yen) worth of Square shares he owns to support new coronavirus infectious diseases.Announcementdid. After the global epidemic has settled, it will be used for girls' health, education, and universal basic income (minimum income security).

――Masks For The People1 million dollars (about 107 million yen) donation is also included. This effort includes masks, hand sanitizers, test kits, etc. for "inmates, former prisoners, those who deter violence, older people in the community, neighbors of the most vulnerable colored neighbors in suburban and rural societies. To the people."

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleIs edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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