Download fireflies feed on light-emitting organisms found in Central large, such as the study of

Firefly and ocean, such as light-emitting organisms are numerous. University of is 9, the key note address, the Fireflies consume that emits light in the movie was announced.

【Here】Firefly is how light that evolved? The National Institute of basic biology, including the study of

■Many species have light-emitting mechanism

The biological emission of various species and have confirmed that phenomenon. And marine organisms of the 76% of the emission possible.

The light-emitting mechanism, depending on the species different. For example, the ocean is a symbiotic device that emits light by. Such a biological light emission is to be a catalyst luciferase is and the chemical reaction can arise. You can fish from the luciferase gene have been identified, such as any light-emitting mechanism, it is the evolution of the most clearly been.

■Pellet from the protein steals the process of discovery

University of rice with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute,Nagoya University research group focused in the adjacent waters of Japan that inhabits the Suzuki eye of the camera mode only. Key note is to crustaceans of fireflies similar to prey, the substrate, the link will earn the 2008 Nobel Prize for chemistry Shimomura, Osamu, Mr. they had been suggested by the. However, the luciferase of the acquisition pathways have been reported for a long time.

Research group at the Shima Marineland and Yokohama・八景島 Sea Paradise and other aquariums of the notes to the survey results, the fireflies from the substrate and the catalyst both have won this week. Luciferase amino acid sequence analysis, and the gas down Firefly luciferase derived from the Proved and.

Key note address is fireflies types of luciferase genes have been suggested for fish and crustacean luciferase is the same in that the research group was surprised. As a result of verification, the bait of a Firefly-derived luciferase was confirmed to be.

The pellet from the protein to the steal phenomenon, bioluminescence is not only all phenomena in the world’s first discovery…… great This results from the insulin and antibody and other protein-resistant drug and drink medications in path is accelerated, the research group is looking.

Details of the study in the online science journal Science Advances on 9 October published on. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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