Download size”Corona-related stocks as a significant growth of online shoppers”the possibility of a view that the reason for

TSE 1st section companies:diode, the office for service leading. Bite speaking at the”subtle but serious”companies. Before the year 2020 the 3 month period or 5 period average sales profit rate is 0. 12%. The dividend is raised to”performance-driven”to have to.

【Here】Corona ominous emerged in a Ghost restaurant, the cloud kitchen is

The previous year it celebrated 50 years in business, and the Corporation is rice. Current President of Okubo, Shinichi,”Japan 1 of rice to”raise began. Still”米穀通帳”of as you age. Okubo said the distribution of the authentic:the United States in rice the distribution of stone throwing 一策 devised was carried out. Rice original would like to hear・delivery, utilizing the nearby rice store bundle”[rice] delivery super”and launched in.

But Rice is the formal Japanese 1, though, today’s listed companies and the standing position did not lead to him. And the Hundred also know from Okubo Mr. France to Merchant was. Merchant sales NO1 was. Office services the entrance was. At the same time franchisee success,”the franchisor, and would like to have,”said Okubo says that. The way to process Times of business expansion, the House of care as the business an independent and continues to.

The franchisor of the way to OCS[office coffee service]in depth. Of 1977 can. At the time, in the Office of the drink and speaking of tea・instant coffee at best. In the midst of a full-fledged regular coffee started to provide you. Popular as a result of the 88-year OCS home of the U.S. establishment today, the National 3-position[on the West Coast at the top] of the share from the point having can be found.

The previous year”8.9% year on year, 7.2% operating profit”at the announcement of the”corona virus and the ominous influence of the read out not as”the”current plan”publication of the US. But we analysts from between the”corona virus and the ominous uncertainty to gripe, I’m looking forward to welcome you business to take. Popular”and perspective is heard starting.

Spatial sterilizing deodorizing machine”Nano-seed α”to the Office of the rental business. 99.99%of purified water and 0. 01%of chlorine dioxide is blended with an aqueous solution of the Ion Engine 4 based on the [patented], nano・diffusion space of the antibacterial, deodorizing and equipment. 1 units of existing products more than 10 times[100 tatami minutes] the achievements of this ahead of analyst description of the borrowing that”this is a test of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Serratia bacteria, the maggots mold, Klebsiella pneumoniae [or not], the class bacilli, such as having an effect”. The new corona virus, fungus of the heart is,new viruses and bacteria to the emergence of humankind・the Society of the ongoing challenges that put your.

Nano seed α is public and hospital demand is also growing say. Diode is unspectacular but steady progress continues. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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