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DQ Walk “Despicaro Fukubiki” Appears, “Despicaro's Fang” Memorizes Deathfang!-Engadget Japan Version

On December 12th, “Despisaro Equipment Fukubiki” appeared at “Dragon Quest Walk (DQ Walk)”. The period is until 14:59 on December 26th.

The dagger “Despicaro's Fang” has a maximum attack strength of +183, and will acquire a technique called “Desfang” that attacks a random enemy with a 110% mela-type slashing attack three times. In addition, helmets and armor have been given resistance to “Hell Butler” and Mela attribute. Why do not you capture DQⅣ's event story quest with a complete set of dazzling despisaro equipment?

Engadget "data-caption =" Engadget "src =" uploaded-images% 2F2019-12% 2F2a9ca6f0-1d75-11ea-bffd-7380a4aa46b1 & client = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = c3bf53e5e2679f25e1dc073880563b2e3146a64d "data-mep =" 3047792 "/><br />In addition, the third chapter of the event story quest for DQⅣ has been released. As the event introduction says, “Can the resurrection of the king of hell be stopped? And what we saw at the end of evolution?”, It seems to be a story centered on Pissarro and Despisaro. .</p>
<p>Also, as you progress through the DQⅣ event quest, a “Hell Butler” will appear in the Mega Monster, and Despisaro equipment that is resistant to him will be active.</p>
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