Dream @ Aya Independent of LDH "New Challenge"

Dream Aya, 32, a former member of the female dance and vocal group Dream, updated her Instagram on Tuesday to announce her independence from her office, LDH.

On Instagram, he said, "I have a report to those who always support me," and then report, "This year, Dream Aya will be independent of LDH and start a new challenge on an individual basis." I have.

He concludes his activities after independence, saying, "I will continue to work on photography and design and produce fan club newsletters as before," and "I look forward to working with you in the future." .

Aya joined Dream as an audition in 2002. From April 2011, he also worked as a member of E-girls, a project consisting of three groups: Dream, Happiness, and Flower. From 2013, he was also the project leader. He retired as a vocal and performer in June 2017, and since then, has been devoted to production as Chief Creative Manager.

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