Dreamcom Yoshida is also impressed by the national government

DREAMS COME TRUE appeared on the 21st at the opening event “~ HELLO, OUR STADIUM ~” held at the new national stadium in Kasumigaoka-cho, Tokyo. Along with Arashi, he appeared in the “music part” of the event.

The first song is "Friday is Friday". When Miwa Yoshida called out, "National! Everyone!", About 60,000 spectators shouted loudly. After singing, he said, "Good evening everyone. DREAMS @ COME TRUE!" "Today, for a short time, we've all shared the joy of opening this new National Stadium with everyone! Without permission, everyone today is my" National Opening Babys "!" Boiled.

Next, "OLA! @VITORIA!" It was a great cheer. Masato Nakamura was pleased, saying, "Everything was new and I'm very honored. It's exciting." Yoshida laughed, "I was impressed!" Regarding the future of the new national stadium, Nakamura said, "Of course, I want you to be a sacred place for sports, and I hope that Arashi-san and other live shows will be held!"

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