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Family martThe new product "Double Cream Sand (Matcha Cream & Whip)" is now on sale! Matcha sweets that most Japanese like. This product is Matcha Cream, so it must be delicious! ‥

Luxury package

FamilyWhen I was looking for sweets, I found a product that stands out in a luxurious package.
Looking at the photo, two layers of cream are wrapped in a doughy dough. Personally, I don't think there is any loss of matcha sweets, so I bought this new product immediately! ‥

It looks too beautiful…

When opened, it is confusingly beautiful color and shape! It is covered with a dorayaki-like shiny cloth. There is a notch in the middle, and azuki is a little on top, so it's pretty.
This sweet that feels serious from the appearance,convenience storeI thought it was amazing to buy it, but that should be it. This product is supervised by that "Kamibayashi Harumatsu Main Store"!
It's a sweet that has been compensated for its appearance and taste because it is supervised by a long-established Uji Matcha store with a history of 450 years in Uji City, Kyoto.

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