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For the 2020 gold and wheat, “Four Seasons Gold Wheat” will be sold according to the season. We tasted four "gold wheat" specially in spring, summer, autumn and winter!

Seasonal taste adjustment

Gold and wheat in 2020 will compare meal data with weather data,People feel different about the taste depending on the temperatureAttention to that. We made adjustments for each season.Gold wheat of the four seasons]Will be released sequentially.

The main part of the balance adjustment is the “taste of wheat” and the “stimulus”. The taste differs depending on the temperature, so in the Suntory conference room the temperature was set at 18 or 28 degrees to pursue the taste.

Also,Gold wheatHe said that he was particular about the adjustments within. The difference in taste is very fine because the balance is adjusted according to the season in the taste of gold and wheat. I compared four kinds of drinks, though I was worried about the difference in taste.

Spring Golden Wheat “Coolly”

Refreshing drinking comfort overall. The strength of carbonic acid is almost the same as gold barley, and you can drink it. I felt that the sun was warm and the wind was cold, so it was perfect for the cherry blossom season.

Summer gold wheat "fresh"

Dry impression with less fragrance compared to other seasons. It is the most refreshing because the sourness is strong and the fragrance is weak. In the hot season, it tasted like a stamina dish that complements the exhaustion of physical strength.

Autumn golden wheat "mellow"

Autumn gold barley with the best fragrance of the four seasons. I felt a little sweet. The carbonic acid grains are small and the mouth feels smooth and mellow. It is a taste that you want to enjoy slowly and slowly over long nights in autumn.

Winter Golden Wheat "Enriched in Taste"

Slightly sweet, gorgeous scent. I felt the fragrance after drinking was very wintery. Cold and golden potatoes in a hot pot during the cold season. You can imagine the best combination.

"Four seasons gold barley" is manufactured every season and will be lined up in stores sequentially. By the way, during the middle of the season, such as between spring and summer, it seems that gold wheat with a normal label appears.

In addition, not only normal blue gold, but also three golds including "golden gold lagers" and "golden wheat 75% OFF".

"Four seasons of gold and wheat" where the balance was adjusted according to the season while keeping the usual taste of gold and wheat. Please check it out if you see it at a store.

Official site:Golden wheat style | Suntory
* Minor drinking is prohibited by law. Alcohol after turning 20 years old.

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