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Dryer and electric pot are OK! EFDELTA, a super-powerful portable power supply for 1600W is too amazing-Engadget Japan Version

The writer who has experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake and feels the importance of securing power in the recent natural disasters such as typhoons. Since last year, we have been securing portable power supplies and taking measures against power outages, but finally monster portable power supplies that cover high-power household appliances have emerged. "EFDELTA" is a technology developed by Ecoflow Technology, based in Shenzhen, China.

MakuakeSo when we raised money last fall, we raised about 281.2 million yen against our 500,000 yen target. The number of supporters exceeds 2,000, indicating the high level of attention. Of course, the amount of investment per person exceeds 100,000 yen, so the total amount jumps naturally, but many people wanted to get even if they invested that much.

Why did you get so much attention? As I guess, it would be a short time that two hours of charging time is enough, with a powerful output that distinguishes it from a conventional portable power supply and a large capacity battery. I think there is high demand in the outdoors, but I think that many people thought it was convenient to have one as a preparation for a disaster, just like the author.

We haven't shipped it yet, but we've tried it out so we'll send you a report.EFDELTA
▲ "EFDELTA" is a portable power supply capable of high output. Equipped with a large capacity battery, so it can be driven for a long time

First, an overview of the product. The battery capacity is 1260Wh, the output is 1600W, and the instantaneous maximum output is 3100W. In other words, the biggest feature is that it has an output that can drive enough home appliances with high power consumption, which was difficult with portable power supplies such as dryers, microwave ovens, and rice cookers.

There are six AC outlets and four USB terminals. Two of them are compatible with fast charging. In addition, it has two USB Type-C terminals and supports 60W output. It is also equipped with a cigar socket, making it easy to connect and drive multiple smartphones and personal computers.

▲ There are six AC outlets. Output can be turned on / off by pressing the button

▲ There are four USB terminals and two USB Type-C terminals. No smartphone charging adapter required

The size is 40 × 21 × 27cm and the weight is 13.6kg. Handles are attached to both sides, making it easy to carry with both hands.

The charging port is equipped with an AC outlet and a DC socket. Charging from the AC outlet requires only a power cable because the adapter that converts AC to DC is built into the main unit. This is surprisingly convenient, and since you can use the three-port type power cable used for desktop PCs, etc., you will not need to carry a dedicated AC adapter in many cases.

▲ There is no AC adapter, so you only need a general-purpose power cable

In addition, the proprietary X-Stream charging technology achieves a very short time of only 1 hour for charging up to 80%, and 2 hours for full charging. really? I used the charging capacity up to 5% and tried charging from there, but it became a full charge in an hour and a half. I am very grateful to have a little interruption to the place where electricity is connected when a power outage occurs and let me recharge.

However, the power consumption during charging exceeds a maximum of 1100W!で は As far as the author confirmed with the variable type, it gradually increased from 680W to about 1150W. The fan also runs at full speed, and charges up to 90% with this power, enabling quick charging. Up to 80% was just under an hour. After 90%, it is a little suppressed to 700W and fully charged. Therefore, please note that if you use the air conditioner or microwave oven at the same time, the breaker may fall off depending on the number of contracted amps.

We actually used, but charge to smartphone and note PC is before breakfast. A desktop PC [including two displays], which is now writing a manuscript, can be driven for 7 hours with a power consumption of around 160W. The main unit has a liquid crystal display, such as power consumption, remaining battery power, and how long it will last, making it very easy to understand.

▲ Various information is displayed on the LCD, so it is very easy to understand. It also shows the available time and the time until charging is completed

By supporting the output of 1600W, isn't it convenient to be able to use high power consumption appliances such as dryers, electric kettles and rice cookers? I tried using a dryer and an electric kettle of about 1200W, but using it once only reduced the charging capacity by about 3% to 5%. The remaining time is displayed on the LCD as 1 hour. If the output exceeds 100W, there is considerable phone noise at high output because the fan starts to rotate, but it is thankful to use electricity, so you can put up with it unless you sleep.

▲ Photo when the electric pot is connected. It can afford even over 1200W. It seems that LCD can be driven for 1 hour on LCD

I also found the oil fan heater to be useful during a disaster. Because there is no light without electricity, this portable power supply demonstrates its power during winter power outages. Oil fan heaters do not seem to consume much power, but they actually require a lot of power to ignite. My petroleum fan heater required about 680W on the EFDELTA LCD screen. Therefore, it cannot be ignited unless it is a portable power supply with sufficient output. It is indicated that it can be used for 56 hours because it only requires turning the fan if it ignites, so it can be done with 20 W or more.

▲ Oil fan heaters have low power consumption because they are driven mainly by fans after ignition, but they are high power consumption products before ignition

This product has a photovoltaic panel sold separately, and the rated output of one unit is 110W. The size is 52 x 43 x 2 cm when stored, 52 x 158 x 2 cm when unfolded, and weighs 3.5 kg. I tried it out on a sunny winter day and it was 69W. It may be a little higher in summer. In addition, four units can be connected in series and used, supporting up to 400W input.

▲ The photovoltaic panels come with a case for carrying.

▲ If the sun is a little weak, the output is weak and it takes time to complete charging

▲ If installed in a well-lit place to charge efficiently, it could go up to 69W

If you can use it for a short period of time, if it can handle up to 1600 W output, most household appliances can be used, so the sense of security in an emergency is enormous. Due to the large battery capacity, long-time operation is very helpful in the event of a disaster. Of course, we have obtained various safety standards including Japan, and safety is ensured, and the warranty period is 2 years. Sales and after-sales service in Japan are provided by Ecoflow Technology Japan.

The price is 159,500 yen including tax, and the solar panel costs about 30,000 yen. If you invested in Makuake, you can say that you made a good investment because you can get a great deal. It's a bit more expensive than a conventional portable power supply, but it's good for outdoor use and for disaster preparedness.


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