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Dual touch screen Chromebook, rumors under development by Google-Engadget

Dual Touchscreen Chromebook

It has been reported overseas that Google is promoting the development of the Chromebook "Palkia" [codename] equipped with a dual touch screen.

This is the information that 9to5Google, an overseas tech site, said it found from the source code of Chromium, a browser for developers. According to it, Palkia's dual touch screens are mounted one on the lid side and the other on the base part.

The code also found that "tablet mode" was turned off in Palkia. This suggests that Palkia is a regular laptop-shaped device.

Turning now to Windows devices, Microsoft says a dual-screen laptopSurface Neo, And "Windows 10 X" for dual screen devices. Furthermore, from Taiwan ASUS, a two-screen laptop "ZenBook Por DuoHas been released.

At this time, there is no way to know the release date, specifications, and price of Palkia. However2-screen smartphoneIt wouldn't be strange if the Chromebook came in with the trend of laptops and laptops.

Source: Chromium Gerrit
Via: 9to5Google


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