Dummy case of iPhone 12 leaked from case maker, returning to iPhone 4 like design


Dummy case of iPhone 12 leaked from case maker, returning to iPhone 4 like design

It is expected that the release time of “iPhone 12'' (tentative name), which is expected to be a new iPhone in 2020, will be delayed by several weeksHas been revealedHowever, the dummy of the iPhone 12 leaked from the case maker, and the case design was rounded so far.iPhone 4It is clear that the design may change to.

New iPhone 12 dummy images offer close-up look at iPhone 4-like design, more-9to5Mac

IsraeliHaAppelistimA photo of the dummy chassis leaked from the iPhone case maker was leaked to the Apple fan community called. It has been pointed out that the iPhone 12 has a more linear and flat design than the rounded design so far, which is quite similar to the design of the iPhone 4 introduced in 2010.

The dummy chassis is provided by Apple to let accessory makers know the size and design of the new iPhone, and was created to have a special case sold at the time of release. In fact, even before the iPhone 12 was officially announced, case makers already sell iPhone 12 cases.

Since the dummy case was created for the case maker, not all design changes have been applied, and notch size changes etc. may not be accurately reproduced in the dummy case. thing. The same goes for the rear camera, and 9to5Mac explains that there is a case where it is not reproduced because it does not have to be reproduced accurately in the dummy housing.

Based on these, looking at the leaked dummy chassis of iPhone 12 looks like this. The top is iPhone 11 Pro and the bottom is iPhone 12.

The back of the iPhone 12 is also glass, but it has changed to a linear design rather than the rounded design that has been continued since iPhone X.

Multiple size variations. The SIM card slot seems to be on the same side as the power button.

Compare the iPhone 4 (left) with the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 (right). Although the volume control buttons have different designs, many design elements are similar, such as the linear design and the side metal frame.

The power button is vertically long.

Around the Lightning port on the bottom is like this.

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