Dwango changes niconico version from "ku" for the first time in about two years

Dwango announced on June 30 that it will change the version of its video service "niconico" from the current version "ku" [crescendo] for the first time in about two years. Scheduled to change this summer. Also, the name of the 17th new version will be made public for the first time.

Although the UI and functions have been renewed drastically when the version name was changed, the future version name expresses the future Nico Nico aims for and when looking back, symbolizes the Niconico culture of that era. Position it as. With regard to Nico Nico from now on, the theme is "remake", and he wants to redefine the goodness and strengths that Nico Nico originally possesses into the form that was in the present era, and to develop it newly. In addition, we plan to add new features in line with the following Nico Nico theme from late July.

 The name public recruitment will be done as the first step to create a new smile with users, aiming to provide an exciting experience from the age of “ku” that has focused on function improvement.

The recruitment period is from June 30th to July 5th, and the management selects candidate names from the applications, and the final decision is made by user voting. The voting results will be announced in the "Weekly Niconico Info" program broadcast on July 27 at 21:00 and on the niconico website. The new version name will be posted on niconico's website in early August. Detail isSmiley infoIt is published in.

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