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"DynaBook P5/S24PME" with Pentium 4 for desktop was released on July 13, 2002: What day is it today? -Engadget Japan version

The "DynaBook P5/S24PME" was a laptop PC with a large 16-inch LCD and a Pentium 4 for desktop use, which achieved high performance.

This desk note was released today in 2002.

The body is too big for a notebook PC, but the performance of the desktop itself was packed into it. What is unique is that the keyboard was removable. By using it together with the included wireless mouse, you can operate it from a position away from the main unit.

It weighs about 4.4 kg and has a thickness of 57 mm, so it seems that a compact integrated PC is more correct than a notebook PC. It seems that the keyboard can be stored rather than removable.

Since the catalog at that time was published,If you are interested in details, please also click here...

By the way, using a desktop CPU for a laptop computer was popular in this era. Pentium 4, which consumes a lot of power, has a difficult thermal design even for mobile devices, and the main body tends to be large. In addition, mobile CPUs have low performance but are expensive, and if they become large anyway, considering the cost aspect, it is a common choice to use them as desk notes.

In addition, products such as desk notebooks equipped with desktop CPUs,It still exists in gaming laptops, etc...

Main event on July 13

In 2002, Toshiba"Dyna Book P5/S24PME"Released
2006,WILLCOM launches "nico."
2011,Docomo/au/SoftBank/e-mobile launches SMS interconnection service
2017,Nintendo releases "New Nintendo 2DS LL"
2019,Sony releases "WF-1000XM3"


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