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Dyson develops ventilator in just 10 days New Corona patients surge in 10,000 orders from UK-Engadget Japan


Dyson, a home appliance maker known for vacuum cleaners and dryers, designed a respirator "CoVent" from Ichi in just 10 days. Dyson founder James Dyson has ordered 10,000 units from the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK and plans to make another 5,000 to internally donate to an international pandemic effort in and outside the UK Document. Dyson designed CoVent to be “ quick, efficient, and mass-produced '' to meet the specific clinical needs of patients with a new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) It was made.

The main body of the ventilator can be fixed to the handrail part of the bed, etc., and it operates by driving Dyson's digital motor driven by battery.

In the United States, the number of infected people doubled in the second half of last week to more than 100,000, making it the largest in the world. Meanwhile, in the UK alone, the number of infected people increased by more than 200 on Saturday alone, and the number of deaths exceeded the 1,000 mark. Both countries are experiencing a shortage of beds and ventilators for the growing number of infected people.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he has personally commissioned Dyson to develop a ventilator, revealing that he has been infected with the new coronavirus. However, existing ventilator manufacturers have complained about this, saying that "the government should first fund ventilator manufacturers like us."

Dyson's ventilator is a new design and must be approved by regulatory authorities before it can be used. However, Dyson spoke to CNN that the approval process is expected to be quick and will be available by early April.

By the way, it is not only Dyson that manufactures ventilators while not specializing, for example, in the United States, car manufacturers such as Ford, GM, TeslaProduct manufacturing in cooperation with existing ventilator manufacturersAnd seven British Formula One teams in the UKProject Pitlane"And hastened the development of a new ventilator with its advanced technology.

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