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To contribute to countermeasures against global warming if you want,e-mail should refrain from going. E-mail messages to save energy, but. The technology industry is the promotion of renewable energy to argue, streaming and artificial intelligence, the advent of data the server needed to keep fossil fuels increase the amount of continues. Currently, the data centers of the world power about 2% of consuming. By 2030, this is the 8% increase to be expected.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, according to advanced lighting effects, beautifully rendered environments, and Pro voices make this for all the data, about 6% only and now not available. That is, 94%of carbon dioxide emissions emissions have not used data can. Mail empty trash to actually erase the data that is not often. 10 years ago e-mail a copy of the world saved on the server,still consumes energy, just.

International Data Corp, according to the 2018 entire world of data a total of 33 zettabyte[33 trillion gigabytes]was,by 2025 about 5 times 175 zettabyte to increase, which could[The Japan Times,Slashdot].

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