Earth climate model study of the other planets of life to explore the use

NASA’s Goddard Space Center, thousands of Computer day or night use,1 sec to 7 trillion times of the calculation to continue. Its purpose is in the Earth’s climate and the phenomenon of simulation precision, and high accuracy for the prediction which is.

【Here】The harmful gas is extraterrestrial life found the key to a Rice University study

Such repeated calculation is required, which is why the earth as the huge models as well,time to find out the the form to do the calculation in the result to based on that the next time increment after the state of the calculation act to a near infinite form repeatedly in the field.

Scientists the like of the calculation repeatedly to continue in some kind of suspicious about that. That question is,we as the Earth’s Climate Prediction with good accuracy for the implementation of very dense calculations, we have life on other planets discovery research in life there can be a requirement for settings too harshly, but not too far from questionable.

Exoplanets over the past 20 years, roughly 4,000 pieces have been found, this planets life exists, how likely is that I wonder? Scientists from the probability of the existence of life way, the planet of direct observation, the atmospheric components, temperature, and life essential for the birth of the liquid ocean to ascertain the presence or absence of can not.

The Earth is closest to the exoplanets, even in the unmanned spacecraft using direct observation, and the current sailing technology, 7 million, 5,000 years to get from that.

The current technology is far from the planet’s faint light only, relying on the variety of imagination for some. However, this macrocosm is the solar system’s planetary model of the frame deviate significantly from the unimaginable such as The Shape of the planet, there as to. Planets of the Solar System model based on life and discovery and it is not necessary that, scientists start thinking about that.

Earth-the planet model is a special case, and more diverse life birth can be assumed planetary model, scientists were thinking. For example, the solar system, only Saturn’s satellite Titan has liquid ocean of methane is present, the more likely for life to try. Or Neptune’s satellite Triton, the nitrogen of the sea there is a risk that this life is the birth information.

The solar system only the Earth other than the model in the life of the birth could only have been suggested from outside the solar system of the planets given the diversity of our beyond imagination such as the life environmental model to find it.

When, for example, liquid methane seas of assuming the climate models to make climate change with good accuracy, predict such a climate, the life of the Born Alive whether consider see life the birth of an examination of the possibilities should allow you to. Future research in the future. [Article: cedar3・The article list to look at]

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