Easy to connect with QR code direct connection–Canon, inkjet multifunction device PIXUS series 3 models

On July 30, Canon released three new models of the household inkjet printer "PIXUS" series: the multifunction models "TS8430" and "TS7430" and the premium model "XK90" that achieved both high image quality and low running costs. It announced that it will be released sequentially from the 6th of each month.


 As the “new way of life” becomes more and more common in everyday life, there are more opportunities to work, learn and play at home. Therefore, the three models announced this time correspond to new services and functions that allow you to easily and conveniently print a variety of prints at home, such as documents and materials used for business, online learning tasks and answer sheets, paper crafts that children and adults can enjoy. I let you.

Specifically, a new service [supports PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX] that allows you to remotely print the documents you need when working from home, and an online learning platform that is widely used in educational institutions and private schools. Supports various services and devices such as "Google Classroom" and "Chromebook", which are expected to spread in schools, to support work and learning at home and provide a comfortable printing environment.

Furthermore, it also supports the photo editing/printing application "Easy-PhotoPrint Editor" with a new function that allows you to specify the desired print size and area.


In addition, by adopting the new function "QR code direct connection", you can read the QR code displayed on the LCD screen with a smartphone/tablet [only for iOS devices], without selecting the SSID or entering the password on the terminal side. , Direct connection can be made wirelessly. In addition, it is also equipped with a "Wireless Connect Button" and other features, making it easy to start printing on smartphones and tablets.

The PIXUS TS8430 is an A4 multifunction machine that uses 6-color hybrid independent ink. There are 3 color variations, black/white/red. It will be released on August 6th. The direct sales price is 32,500 yen [excluding tax].

-PIXUS TS7430 is an A4 multifunction machine that uses 5-color hybrid independent ink. There are two color variations, black/white. Released on August 27th. The direct sales price is 19,500 yen [excluding tax].

PIXUS XK90 is an A4 multifunction machine that uses premium 6-color hybrid independent ink. Available in dark silver metallic only. Released on August 27th. The direct sales price is 41,500 yen [excluding tax].

The premium hybrid ink installed in the XK series is characterized by further expanding the color gamut of glossy paper. The photo blue ink reduces the graininess, enabling even more delicate rendering.

Also, L-size borderless photos have been shortened by about 4 seconds compared to the conventional model, and it has become possible to print in about 10 seconds, the fastest in the PIXUS series.

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