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From the end of summerconvenience storeChinese steamed buns that are beginning to be sold at. We have a wide variety of lineups, from basic items such as meat buns and steamed buns to unusual dishes such as roasted char siu buns and cheese bulgogi buns.

Among the various types of Chinese steamed buns, the one that stands out is the so-called "", which is one size larger than other Chinese steamed buns and has a higher price.Premium meat bunA product called. It's quite special, so I think many people buy it as a reward.

This time, such SevenFamilyMartLawsonCompare the taste, calories, and price of "Premium Nikuman"! Please refer to it on the day when you say, "Let's get a little excited and buy a premium meat bun today!"

Eat and compare Seven FamilyMart Lawson's "Premium Nikuman"!

The following three products will be compared this time. First, let's check the price and calories.

・ Seven | Large pork bun 213 yen (tax included) | 399kcal
・ FamilyMart | Extreme black pork bun 198 yen (tax included) | 273kcal
・ Lawson | Golden meat bun 198 yen (tax included) | 295kcal

There was almost no difference in price, but there was a considerable difference in calories.

FamilyMart had the lowest calories.. There is a difference of 126 kcal compared to the highest calorie Seven. Also, there is a difference of 104 kcal between Seven and Rosa, so it is a point that people who care about calories can not miss.

For those who want to reduce calorie intake as much as possible, the correct answer is to choose FamilyMart.is!

Next, let's check the taste you care about!

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