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Tuesday, June 23,Lawson"Karaagekun" comes with new flavors, "Deep Qi" and "Spicy Qi"! I tried eating it immediately.

I tried karaagekun "deep chi" and "spicy chi"!

Lawson's popular hot snack "Karaagekun" has new flavors, "Deep Cheese" and "Spicy Cheese". Cheese flavored fried chicken has evolved as an entry product of the "Nice Cheese Grand Prix" that determines the No. 1 cheese product currently held by Lawson's official Twitter account.

"Deep chi taste" doubles the amount of cheese used in Hokkaido to increase the cheese's richness. "Shira-chi flavor" is a spicy cheese flavor with pepper powder, spicy clothes, and pepper chips.

A little rich cheese

Two products that look exactly like the package. For a moment I don't know which one (laugh).

When you put it on a plate, the content of "spicy chewy" is obviously orange. The scent of cheese is fluffy, and it stimulates your appetite.

If you look closely, you can also see the crushed peppers in the “spicy chi taste”.

"Deep Cheese flavor" is rich cheese flavor!

First of all, "Deep Cheese" is actually eaten!

When I bite it, the juice oozes out, but it's cheese! Cheese's full claim! It has a rich cheddar cheese deep cheese taste, and if you use it as a snack, it seems that sake will progress.

You can feel the sweetness of cheese with a solid seasoning, as its name suggests it was rich in cheese taste!

Properly spicy "spicy chi taste"

Then, quickly spicy "Spicy Cheese".

At first I thought that it was cheese flavor and it was not spicy at all, but when I chew a couple of times…It's hot!!! The tingling and pungent stimulus of the pepper spreads throughout your mouth. Not only spicy but also the refreshing taste of chili itself, you can feel the authentic taste of chili!

It's a bit hotter than karaagekun red. The taste that makes the richness and spiciness of cheese addictive. It's the taste you want with beer and highball!

"Deep chi taste" and "Spicy chi taste" are 240 yen each, slightly higher than the usual karaage kun. Still, the rich cheese taste and spicy spiciness have a special feeling that you can only eat now. Both of them have a strong seasoning, so they are also recommended as a drink.

Store: Lawson
Product name: Karaage Kun Spicy Chi / Deep Chi
Release date: Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Price: 240 yen each (tax included)
Official site:Karaage Kun, Deep Cheese Flavor | Lawson Official Website

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