Ebizo shows off her name with no father and wife

Ichikawa Ebizo [42] announced the 13th-generation Ichikawa Danjuro White Monkey Attack at the Kabuki-za Theater in Tokyo on 7th.

In May, Benkei of the day part “ Shinjincho '', Sukeroku of the night part “ Kuchigami '' “ Sukeroku Yuen Edo Sakura '', June June Gongoro Kamakura of the day part “ Kuchigami '' “ Temporary '', Night part Benkei of “ Shinjincho '', Goro Sato of Odate of 1 part “ Pushback '', Gorozo of “ Oka Date Hanakuo '', 2nd part of “ Yamaba '', Azura of Yamatoba, “ Keisei '' Keisuke, Sukeroku of the third part "Sukeroku". In addition, Shogen Horikoshi [6], who claims to be Shinnosuke Ichikawa, the eighth generation, will be performing the first stage Kyogen with Goga Soga of "Juroro" in June and Kaidomaru of "Yamaba" in July.

Ebizo says, "As a Sohichi Ichikawa, you can't remove" Kanjincho "," Sukeroku "and" Kabuki "in Kabuki Eighteenth. want". He spoke of the attack without his 12th father Danjuro and his wife, Mao Kobayashi. When asked to appear on the stand-alone "Gairou", Shingen-kun answered, "I think it's pretty difficult."

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