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EBÖRD, a Qi charging table that does not require a power supply, stores electricity with natural light and indoor light-Engadget Japan Version

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It stores electricity not only in sunlight but also in indoor light at home.
A mobile device such as a smartphone placed on a table
The first non-contact charging table “EBÖRD” has landed in Japan!

EBÖRD is a smart IoT table whose primary purpose is to live in harmony with rich nature.
In Japan, about eight years ago, photovoltaic power generation using sunlight has been used in ordinary households.
By using renewable energy, you can lead a nature-friendly lifestyle.

EBÖRD is an innovative smart IoT table that aims to coexist with nature more gently by renewable energy.


EBÖRD stores the generated energy in a battery in the table, and uses that energy to charge smartphones and other mobile devices. [Non-contact charging by Qi]

You can charge any surface on the table!

No cables are required because energy is stored based on sunlight or indoor light.
Clean and tidy on the desk!

Compatible with various devices. [Qi charging compatible]

You can charge multiple terminals at the same time!

Also, it is intended for outdoor use, and is waterproofed.

2. EBÖRD PREMIUM Light Option

It is possible to charge mobile devices wirelessly by storing electricity with indoor light.

In addition, it can be used as indirect lighting by using the app.

ON / OFF and light intensity can be adjusted.

3. EBÖRD PREMIUM speaker option

Music playback via Bluetooth is possible [optional].
In addition, it has a built-in speaker, so you can play music by sending data via Bluetooth from a smartphone or the like.

You can see how the music is actually being played on EBÖRD here. [/ embed] [/ embed]

4. EBÖRD PREMIUM Light & Speaker Options

This model can use the light function and speaker function.

Adjustable table lighting with dedicated application [optional]

The EBÖRD can generate not only sunlight but also indoor light as long as the light intensity is more than 300 lux.

<Estimated light intensity in various environments>

Exhibit:Estimated illumination and brightness

On a cloudy day, with the LED ceiling light attached, the illuminometer measured at the center of the room showed 400-500 lux.

Proton, a provider of EBÖRD to generate indoor light, has developed a completely new smart panel.

Have you ever wondered that even the slightest light can be seen when the sun is hiding?

This is because there is a protein that captures the weak light around us, converts it into an electrical signal, and transmits it to the brain.

EBÖRD stretches this protein membrane underneath the surface glass panel.

As a result, although the efficiency is lower than that of sunlight, it is possible to generate electricity even in the light of lighting.

The EBÖRD circuit is designed to supply stored energy to smartphones with as little loss as possible.

As a result of these R & D activities, PRTON has obtained three patents [WO2019012111, ES1212415, EP17382464] for technologies that enable solar power generation even in cloudy weather and new technologies that can obtain energy with artificial light.

Since the top plate is made of laminated glass [laminated glass with glass bonded to each other with a resin film], it is hard to break, and the glass is designed not to scatter even if broken.

We will carefully manufacture each item you order and pack it so that it is not damaged. [/ embed]

Each product will be shipped in the following package.

Eco-clean life with green energy

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