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"Echo Show 8" for 14,980 yen, it was just a good size to install in the study or kitchen-Engadget Japanese version

Amazon's smart speaker "Echo Show 8" released on February 26 in Japan. The price is 14,980 yen. It is a smart speaker with an 8-inch screen located between 10.1 inches and 5 inches, which has been developed so far. Since the sample arrived shortly before the editorial department, we will deliver impressions focusing on the feeling of size etc.

The Echo Show series is a smart speaker with a touch screen, which allows you to collect information and operate IoT home appliances through the AI ​​assistant "Alexa". The Echo Show 8 measures 200.4 x 135.9 x 99.1 mm in width, weighs 1037 g, has an 8-inch display, and has two 2.0-inch neodymium speakers. Karabari is available in two colors, sandstone and charcoal. The color that arrived this time is charcoal.

▲ A shape like a triangular prism laid down. Speakers are mounted on the triangles on both sides.

▲ Volume button and microphone on / off button, you can switch the camera physically.

▲ You can also listen to videos such as Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

▲ This is like a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

I set it up, installed it in various places in my home, and used it, but the work desk was the most comfortable. I use radiko and music streaming services while working at home, but the sound scale is just right for playing the sound sideways.

The Echo Show 8 is the perfect size for a speaker with a display in places where space is limited, such as a study or kitchen.


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