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Edit button after Twitter “ maybe absolutely not introduced '' “ to protect vibes in SMS age '' (CEO Dorsey)-Engadget Japan version

Twitter founder CEO Jack Dorsey commented on the editing features that allow post-posted tweets to be rewritten later: "(No introduction in 2020?)"

Since Twitter does not have a function to rewrite the content after posting, it cannot be corrected even if you notice typos or broken links after tweeting, so there is a persistent voice that wants to add a so-called edit button.

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey @jack wrote a brief No. in a QA video sponsored by Wired when asked if he would introduce an edit button within 20200, and briefly described the background and reasons. Talking.

According to

-Tweet editing is not possible because it was originally designed as a service that can send and receive short sentences by SMS (short message) on mobile phones. Once sent, the SMS is over and there is no editing function.

・ I wanted to keep the vibes and feelings of the early SMS era.

-Another problem occurs when the edit button (rewrite button) is actually introduced. For example, what if you rewrite the content after retweet?

・ I sometimes want to fix typographical errors or broken links. After pressing the tweet button, we wanted to allow a grace period of 30 seconds or 1 minute to edit, but eventually we need to delay the transmission itself.

The final answer is a realistic one, but it will probably never be. And that.

Perhaps it is a subtly crisp word with a suffix, but I think that no result of an actual examination, including proposals that are said in the public, is a low priority and an urgent issue. It does not seem.


He also responded a little to the decentralized SNS concept announced in December 2019. What is good about distributed SNS? The answer is, "I have no idea. But that's great."

At the time of the announcement, the aim of establishing an open standard for distributed SNS was to expand the services of common standards in addition to Twitter, which is centrally operated by Twitter, so that conversation data that can be handled as a whole increased, and new innovations It was said that the opportunity would increase, but this time it is almost such an answer. QA please see the video below.

Twitter invests in formulating open standards for distributed SNS. Form an independent team outside the company

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It's a bad joke to say that if you send a DM or mention to the person in charge of judgment on Twitter about the blue certification mark in the video, you will probably be certified.

Kayvon Beykpour, the product lead on Twitter, @kayvz has explicitly added to his profile that he is not a certified god and cannot be certified.

Twitter has revised the criticism certification badge mechanism. Re-examination begins deprivation from rule violators(2017)

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