Edo Kiriko craftsman vs product designer! What is the evolution of the latest Edo Kiriko model "OCW-S5000D" !?

The OCW-S5000 is the thinnest in the history of the “Manta” series, which is characterized by its slim style and high quality. In that bezel expression"OCW-S5000D" using traditional Edo KirikoAppeared in October and gained popularity.

  • “Manta” the thinnest Edo Kiriko model in history “OCW-S5000D”

How did the new S5000D evolve from the previous “OCW-S4000C” and the 2018 Basel Special “OCW-S4000S” through the “OCW-S4000D”? A talk between Edo Kiriko craftsman Toru Horiguchi who has been supervising and producing through the series, and Casio designer Seiji Umebayashi who has been in charge of design in a “honest”!


Biography I once again felt the power of traditional crafts

-New Edo Kiriko model"OCW-S5000D"But have you ever understood the various collaborations between OCEANUS and Edo Kiriko?

Mr. Horiguchi:“Of course, the understanding of the OCEANUS watch will increase. It is elegant, sophisticated, or high-class. The more you think about it, the more you think of the Edo Kiriko series of the previous S4000. I feel that the design was the right answer, including not only the beauty of the product, but also the feasibility of precision and the manufacturing workflow, all directly linked to it.

  • Kiriko Horiguchi Co., Ltd.

-By the way, as an example of Mr. Horiguchi's “manufacturing workflow”, there is an invention of a process called “indexing” for dramatically increasing the cutting accuracy and efficiency of the bezel. The idea is to draw the reference line of the cutting position with a laser beforehand.

  • An enlarged view of the OCW-S5000D bezel parts. A broken line part is a part where a cutting blade enters, and the index is drawn with a laser in the real thing. Follow this with a lathe blade. The left bezel part is of OCW-S5000DS

Mr. Horiguchi:“I thought it would be good if this model would be a simple novelty or a covered product. If Edo Kiriko understood it as“ a single processing technology ”, I hope

Mr. Umebayashi:“In fact, I once again felt the power of traditional crafts. You know the beauty and value of Edo Kiriko. Thanks to that, even those who don't know the OCEANUS watch see the Edo Kiriko model. Many people came to the store, which is wonderful, and there is a long history and there are people who convey it.The weight and greatness as technology felt"

  • Casio Computer Watch Planning and Administration Department Second Design Planning Department Mr. Seiji Umebayashi

――Not only the completeness of the product, but also these thoughts led to the development of this S5000D. Based on that, what kind of approach was planned this time?

Mr. Umebayashi:“I thought the theme of“ elegance and innovation = urban Edo Kiriko ”, which was raised in the first Edo Kiriko models (S4000C and S4000S), should not be removed this time, because the goodness of OCEANUS is elegant. It is a typical image of Edo Kiriko, a traditional pattern of Edo Kiriko, where the cuts crossed diagonally, and that kind of design was also an approach, but that is different from OCEANUS.

I also thought about images that looked like kaleidoscopes and patterns inspired by Tokyo festivals. But when I looked at Horiguchi's work, I felt it was very fresh and urban because it was beautifully and regularly cut.

“Oh, this is a city intersection”. It looked like a regular line where many people come and go, like an urban intersection. Traditionally, the design was made of radial lines such as sunlight, but this time I wanted to make a modern design with thorough regular geometric lines. I was convinced that I could go with this image. ''

  • OCEANUS Manta OCW-S5000D (right)

  • OCEANUS Manta OCW-S4000C, the first Edo Kiriko model (* currently discontinued)

  • Previous OCEANUS Manta OCW-S4000D (* Currently discontinued)

Mr. Horiguchi:“After all, those who have seen the Edo Kiriko model so far will expect a new design. If it is almost the same this time, it will be 'Is this again?' Actually, this is exactly how I am facing Edo Kiriko: “Leave / Add / Omit”.

What are the customer's expectations, and what should be changed in the process, accuracy, and process that I am in charge of? Mr. Umebayashi thought about the proposed design many times. ”

Be The zel parts are small,

–The geometric lines that remind you of the intersection of roads and the cityscape of the city are thought to be “I see!”, But the lines do not actually intersect. I think this is a skill of design. It looks like you're doing it even though you don't intersect.

  • While giving the image that the lines intersect, there is no actual intersection

Mr. Horiguchi:“Your design is strange. Like the previous models, there are quite a few places where the good design helps.”

Mr. Umebayashi:“In fact, there was also a proposal that the lines really intersect. I thought that there was a place like Kiriko's real thrill, so … I tried to cut it for trial, but actually When you cross the lines, you feel more traditional than you thought, and it really looks like a traditional craft. "

―― (Looking at the bezel design of S5000D) But it seems to be difficult just to get this vertical and horizontal line accuracy. Mr. Umebayashi, didn't you think this seemed a little difficult?

Mr. Umebayashi:“I heard that Mr. Horiguchi made almost no mistakes in the previous model. Then, I could do this (laughs)”

“The color matter was very responsive,” Mr. Umebayashi

–Horiguchi-san used toInterview for S4000CSo, you said, “Even if you cut by hand one by one, there is almost no individual difference.” Wasn't this more difficult than radial cuts when seeking accuracy? And the S5000 has a thinner case and a smaller diameter.

Mr. Umebayashi:“That's right. When we first talked about making an Edo Kiriko model with the S5000 in the company, we first thought,“ How do you put a facet in this? ” It's not that simple. It's not just about tens of percent of the current size.

The smaller the bezel, the thinner the bezel. Although it is sapphire glass, it needs a certain thickness and width in terms of strength. It was hard how to pack it in this size. And even after the structure was decided, I was worried until the end whether Mr. Horiguchi could really cut this size glass. ''

Mr. Horiguchi:“It was certainly hard to do. It ’s small and has vertical and horizontal lines, so you ’ll have to change the part in the middle of the cut. This was hard.

However, the accuracy of the guide (line) is all for me. If even this is certain, the accuracy of cutting can be assured. How can you trust the guide? And I have absolute trust in that guide. ''

  • Mr. Horiguchi explains how to make the accuracy of the cut. It is based on established theory as well as experience and sense

Mr. Umebayashi:“For this guide, Mr. Horiguchi gave me detailed instructions … (laughs)”

――Now, you've entered the real talk mode (laughs).

Mr. Umebayashi:“I thought that the craftsman was a sensuous way of saying as an image. However, Mr. Horiguchi is not so, but all the numerical values ​​are instructed. Here are some commas, How many comma zero do you like? … I was very particular about the accuracy of the guide, but if this is the way, Mr. Horiguchi will definitely do the rest. Not right? "

Mr. Horiguchi:“Of course, it ’s harder to do compared to the previous one, but it ’s going to do something, but there ’s thousands of copies so far.”

――Speaking of S5000D's attention point is “color”! In addition to the traditional blue color, the use of scarlet has become a hot topic. At what stage did this color come out?

  • Engraved “Shibusu Sensuji” vertically and horizontally to express an urban city where people and roads intersect. Scarlet and cut surfaces are colored by vapor deposition

Mr. Umebayashi:“It seems that everyone was surprised, and at the first new product launch, there was a voice of where OCEANUS was headed. What is symbolic of OCEANUS is“ Ocianus Blue ”. So.

However, we are also thinking of “Leave, Add, and Omit” that was also in Mr. Horiguchi's words, and considering the current watch market, OCEANUS cannot be as it is now. Unless it is a product that is more original and valuable to customers, it cannot survive in the market. In order to do so, we have exchanged opinions within the company about whether the image of OCEANUS should be blue or sapphire glass alone. ''

Guard "Oshianas Blue" footsteps

–The idea of ​​“CMF design” (*), which was the theme of the new product launch event in autumn and winter, isn't it? Was the OCW-T200SS SS model that you challenged for the first time in OCEANUS as a challenge to the potential of materials?

* Configure the product surfaceColor (color), Material (material), FA word that has an initial of inish. Designed to resonate with human sensibilities by making colors, materials, and finishes at the center.

  • OCEANUS's first stainless model "OCW-T200SS"

Mr. Umebayashi:“Yes. Regarding the color, Oceanus Blue is a brand color that should be protected. This is something that has been nurtured and will continue to be used. All employees are aware of it. You also have to think about how to bring out newness in the expression.

So this time I came up with the idea of ​​combining blue and other colors. There was trial and error in selecting the color, and the final decision was amber. However, this color is inevitable, and there is a brown glass called “Gi-set” in Edo Kiriko. It is a color that changes the expression each time, such as the color of the sunset, or the streetlight that approaches the dusk in the city.

Therefore, the affinity with blue is very high, yet fresh. I didn't quit blue at all, but I chose scarlet from the perspective that when I combined it with blue, I could make a new expression. ''

  • Work that became the coloring image of S5000D

――The combination of blue and brown is the so-called “Azzurro e Marone” (a classic color coordination for Italian men).

Mr. Umebayashi:“Yes, S5000D is supposed to be worn in a suit, so I was very careful with the color. I usually feel relaxed even if I wear a suit in a meeting. When the light hits it, it was reflected vividly and looked unique.

But this color, in fact, Mr. Horiguchi was the most surprised (laughs). ''

Mr. Horiguchi:“No, I was surprised! (Laughs). For me, the image of OCEANUS was blue. And because I didn't use a lot of scarlet in my products and works, I thought a lot about myself. And then, I was convinced by myself that it was a manifestation of the spirit that even though the new series had been highly evaluated, even the new work should not be put into protection. I think I should be able to attack or do everything that I can do.I was able to sympathize with this, and as a result (this color) was good.

To be honest, the official websites and catalogs are a little stronger. But the real thing is not so flashy. As with 4000C and 4000D, I think that the balance was just right for me as well as for evaluation and discussion with Casio-san. Although there are modern parts, it can be used in business situations. Although it may have been an attacking color for OCEANUS, I would like you to see the actual product. If you can see it, you may think that it is quite easy to use colors. ''

――In the past few years, the watch industry has seen more opportunities to see traditional craft techniques and elements, as well as the beauty of Japanese style, in products from other manufacturers. How do you see Mr. Umebayashi about these movements?

Mr. Umebayashi:“I think it's important to show off Japan's technological capabilities in order to appeal as a Japanese brand. Then, in addition to the technology that only a watchmaker can do, it combines with Japanese traditional crafts and forms a collaboration. I think that it is very effective to send on.

When it comes to Casio, our strength is electronics. Therefore, it creates newness by combining the latest technology and traditional crafts. The contrast may look more vivid. On the other hand, in contrast to the tradition of Edo Kiriko, there is also an aspect that uses a technique called vapor deposition. If you look at this from the traditional Edo Kiriko, it may seem like "Is there such a thing?" This is a new form of OCEANUS that combines tradition and elegance and innovation advocated by OCEANUS.

Thanks to Mr. Horiguchi, we have noticed that. You can't use traditional crafts as they are. Add ideas to it and arrange it in an advanced and urban style. That is one of the ways for OCEANUS to evolve. ''

  • OCW-S4000C (left) and OCW-S5000D (right)

River I believe in the potential of Togiri

–The synergy effect of the fusion of culture and technology prompted OCEANUS to return to its origin. In fact, the number of collaborations seems to deepen the fusion of OCEANUS and Edo Kiriko.

Mr. Horiguchi:“When I first got a job consultation, I thought I was being tested as a person who handled Edo Kiriko.“ I have such a case, can I handle Edo Kiriko? ”. If you can deal with quality, cost, and speed, you can appreciate that Edo Kiriko is a technology that has both breadth and depth.

-Finally, what message do you have for readers?

Mr. Horiguchi:“One of the elements that I think Edo Kiriko has is the change and appreciation of the situation. The atmosphere changes greatly depending on whether it is a white or black table, fluorescent light or natural light. The S5000D should also be a lot of fun in terms of things.

Mr. Umebayashi:“OCEANUS has celebrated its 15th anniversary. I want to continue to create products that feel elegant and innovative without any blurring. And I am thinking about developing new stories like the Kiriko model. I hope you will continue to pay attention. ”

Full of special feelingOCEANUS Manta S5000D. Although the number of production is limited because Horiguchi Kiriko cuts the bezel one by one, it is also a relatively affordable model as a special model. I want you to literally get the passion of the developers, filled with a thin and light form.

  • "Please see the fusion of Edo Kiriko and OCEANUS at the store!"

(PR) Provided by: Casio Computer

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