Education platform "Classi" offers some functions free to high schools that suspend school activities

Classi will provide a limited edition free of charge to high schools nationwide that have suspended their school activities due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection in Japan on February 28, but have not introduced the educational platform "Classi". I announced that.

The target schools are national, public and private high schools [including junior high and high schools, secondary schools, etc.] nationwide where school activities are suspended, including some suspensions and plans. The function period is from March 9 to April 30,Dedicated URLApply from. According to the company, after the spread of the new coronavirus, schools that have introduced Classi after the spread of the new coronavirus can use the service to contact students and parents online, and use learning videos as home learning materials. It is said that there is.

The functions provided this time are “communication [campus group] function” for teachers, students, and parents, “communication [off-campus group] function” for teachers, “EnglishCentral [Classi cooperation service]” for students, and “learning videos”. Five functions, "Web test" that allows you to check the distribution of problem content and the status of students' efforts.

コ ミ ュ ニ ケ ー シ ョ ン The communication function for the school group is a function that allows two-way communication according to the scene of each student or class, the whole school, faculty and staff. Share contacts in the home room and staff members online. In addition, with the communication function for out-of-school groups, we have prepared a place for community of teachers at schools that have introduced Classi. Can be used to exchange information with teachers at other schools.

With the learning video function, you can watch approximately 12,000 learning videos [Japanese language, mathematics, English, science, geography, citizens, etc.] covering more than 1000 units from junior high school to high school. EnglishCentral is a self-paced English learning material that develops listening and speaking skills with more than 14,000 videos including the latest news. It also includes AI-based pronunciation analysis to improve pronunciation and a word learning system designed according to brain science.

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