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Effective for persistent sales calls. How to mute phone calls from strangers: iPhone Tips-Engadget Japan

Turn on Mute unknown callers

To mute phone calls from strangers, first open Settings. Then tap Phone and turn on Mute unknown callers.

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<p>Incoming calls from unknown parties are now muted. However, the ringtone from the person registered in "Contacts", the person who recently called you, and the "Siri proposal" will sound as usual.</p>
<h2>How to see when you actually receive a call</h2>
<p>When a call is received from a party that you do not know, the ringtone does not sound and only a missed call notification appears on the screen. At this time, the caller's smartphone will display “Talking / Communicating” so that the user cannot know that the call is muted.</p>
<p><img alt=▲ If you receive a call from an unknown party, you will receive a notification but no ring tone (left). Caller screen. “Talking or communicating” was displayed and I heard a “two-two” sound when the call was disconnected.

When the caller hangs up, the incoming call history remains on his smartphone. Open the "Phone" app and check it in "History". If it is a nuisance call or persistent sales, you may want to reject the incoming call.

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<p>With this feature, you won't be bothered by unwanted calls. However, it is important to note that important calls from people involved in work and courier drivers will be muted if they are not registered in "Contacts".</p>
<p>Also, since the phone is not completely blocked, badge notifications and histories accumulate more and more if left unattended. If you are persistent, you may want to reject the incoming call as described above.</p>
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