Eiko Koike, Goodbye wants to be "Program of Hiroshi Oizumi"

Hiroshi Oizumi [46] and Eiko Koike [39] attended a stage greeting on March 23 in Tokyo, where the double starring movie "Goodbye-A Life Comedy Starting from a Lie" [directed by Izumi Narushima, released on February 14] was completed.

The film is a comedy movie based on the manuscript of the writer Osamu Dazai. Oizumi is sorry for some reason but Shuji Tajima and Koike hide their good looks and play Kinuko Nagai, a powerful woman who lives on my way.

When asked "what I want to buy" after the title, Koike gave a "variety program appearance with Oizumi-san" and made the venue laugh. "I'm going to put on a variety of programs for movie PR. When I go out together, my power is absorbed and I'm separated and then I'm at ease." "It's each other!" "I have a lot of calories and use calories. I honestly don't want to go out with this person. I really don't like the campaign with you. I want to do a goodbye."

On this day, Koike's messed up and I started to imitate Michael Jackson, but when I started, she returned to me with the photographer's shutter sound and grinned, "No, no, in front of such a photographer …" .

On this day, Asami Mizukawa, Ai Hashimoto, Tamaki Ogawa, Tae Kimura, Gaku Hamada, Yutaka Matsushige, and Izumi Narishima also appeared on stage. Regarding the role of Tajima, played by Oizumi, Kimura, who plays the role of wife, said, "Yoshio Oizumi's bad places are leaking." Mizukawa said, "Tajima is charming, Oizumi-san is charming …? Pan, is it charming? I guess there was a place to tickle maternity as a role" and made the venue laugh.

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