Eita Nagayama "Season! I want to see it!"

Actor Eita Nagayama [37], who changed the stage name from "Eita" to his real name, has a friendship with actor Shun Oguri [37], who will be starring in the NHK taiga drama "13 Kamakura-dono" broadcasted in 2010. He exclaimed.

Nagayama updated Twitter on the 8th. Following the announcement that Oguri was decided to be the main character of the drama, Yoshitoki Hojo, he expected that "season !! Oguri Shun !!

Nagayama and Oguri have co-starred in the 18-year-old TV drama "Nishigo Don". From the fans, "I want Eita to also appear." "I want to watch Eita's leading role, Okawa." "As a fan of Eita Nagayama, it's a bit frustrating! I want to snuggle up with the feeling of doing. "

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