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ELECOM introduces 2 e-Mesh Starter Kit products that allow users to enjoy 4K videos comfortably even in rooms far from the wireless router


ELECOM will release the Wi-Fi system e-Mesh starter kit "WMC-2HC-W" from late April, which will cover even large homes with a mesh network and enable high-speed communication up to 1733Mbps (theoretical value). The price is an open price, and the estimated retail price is 18,800 yen (excluding tax).

■ E-Mesh starter kit that makes it easy to connect radio waves even in rooms far from the router

An e-Mesh starter kit that makes it easier for IoT devices such as smart home appliances and smart speakers to connect and cut more easily by building a wireless mesh network. It is a set of one router and one dedicated repeater. Covering a three-story detached house and a four-bedroom apartment, comfortable communication is possible even when a family of six uses multiple terminals (up to 46) simultaneously. The router side is a premium class product that allows high-speed communication of up to 1733Mbps in the 5GHz band and 800Mbps (both standard values) in the 2.4GHz band, and can comfortably watch 4K TVs.

■ Equipped with various functions to realize high-speed communication

Compatible with IPv6 IPoE Internet connection where lines are less congested. It is equipped with a high-sensitivity “high-power built-in antenna” that makes use of the know-how of DX antenna, a group company. In addition, it is equipped with many functions that enable faster and more stable communication such as "band steering" function, "MU-MIMO" function, "beam forming Z".

■ Equipped with security functions such as Trend Micro's "Smart Home Network"

To protect connected IoT devices, it is equipped with Trend Micro security function “Smart Home Network”. In addition to protecting network appliances that cannot install security software from threats, it also blocks attacks targeting malicious websites and vulnerabilities, and blocks unauthorized communications with information leaks. In addition, it is equipped with "Friend Wi-Fi (Guest SSID)" function to provide Wi-Fi to guests safely and "Kids Net Timer 3" to prevent children from using too much Internet.

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