Electronics stores use the month to 1 times more than 2 percent in less than 10 years ago from a half my voice control study

My voice may retail concerning the use of the survey results, announced a month 1 or more times and who answered in the proportion of about 10 years ago as compared to the half that had.

【Here】“令和 appliances Three Sacred Treasures”TV(4K/8K)and a refrigerator, robot vacuum cleaner

■Stores a month 1 or more times use people is 2 percent less than

17, the Internet survey to provide firm command voice control system, electronics stores concerning the use of a survey announced. This is 10 generations from the 70 generations of men and women 1 million 176 people subject to summary and analysis of in 2016, 12 months in 6th.

Royal Philips Electronics of the frequency of use when asked,”during the Week 1 or more times”is 0. 7%,”several times a month about”is 4. 5%, in March”1 times”is 13. 6%, and 1-once a month more than those who use the entire 18. 9%remains. Or”2 to 3 months to 1 times”is 26. 9%,”six months to 1 times”is 24. 8%,”less”is 24. 3%,”not used”is 5. 2%was.

■Month 1 or more times, those who use the percentage of half

Past survey compared to 2010, and 7 months of the 2nd survey,”a Week 1 or more times”is 1. 6%,”a few times a month about”is 13. 8%, in March”1 times”is 25. 1% of a month 1 or more times use people 40. 5 percent. Then gradually the percentage decreased, for the first time, 2 percent cut.

On the other hand,”do not use”you answered,the 2nd Survey 1. 0%was 3 times 1. 4%, 4 times 2. 5%, 5 times 5. 3% increase,this time in the investigation 5. 2%and a slight decline was of almost the same level of growth.

■Purpose”appliances and related supplies of purchase”is 7% greater

Electronics stores use to who answered to the purpose when asked(multiple answers),were the most”appliances and related supplies to buy”in 71. 3%. The”appliances of the real thing to see”(61.2%),”household appliances price check”(38.3%),”home appliance information”(22.7%),”household electrical appliances catalog of the collection”(16.5%),”appliances and related supplies other than to buy”(12.9%),”killing time”(10.0%), such as which have become.

10’s and 20’s is”killing time”, the other with a layer of slightly higher than 1 time per week, or a few times a month for users in the”appliances to try””home appliance information”, such as ratio was high.

■The most use to retailers is”Yamada Denki”

The purchase of home appliances place when asked(multiple answers),”retail storefront”is 69. 5%,”electronics stores other than the online shop”is 36. 0%,”electronics stores online shop・the mail order site”25. 4%.

The most recent 1 year available at electronics stores(multiple answers),most of the”Yamada Denki”in 45. 5%. The following is a”case series data security””BIC Camera,””Yodobashi Camera”is each 20% level.

Furthermore, the most common use for shop use when asked why(multiple answers),were the most”from the house near”at 55. 1%. The”points card and get the service that there”is 36. 0%, and”Parking lot””variety of products”and”price is cheap”are each 20 percent is continuing.

■Over-the-counter and Internet use

The purchase means more than two hundred years into the comments also posted. That is,”tax and shipping dates,which is cheap from The decide for”Price focus people on the other hand, the”delivery as convenient, the actual look at to bring back from the””high warranty but what you want is over-the-counter, there are many”conditions then I have to.

Also,”trusted the manufacturer of the product if there Internet stores either”with manufacturers focused on how to purchase this not as opinion, or”a sense of security, because you bought over-the-counter but not””over-the-counter but not buying. See the actual product, and the clerk think he’s from I want to buy”, such as the purchase over-the-counter only and it was. (Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at)

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