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Eliminating Huawei products from UK and 5G networks. Considering the impact of US sanctions on China-Engadget Japan


Financial Times and others say the UK government is preparing to remove Huawei products from the UK's 5G network by 2023Reported.. Reuters says the UK government is "attentive" to the impact of the new US sanctions on China's telecommunications giant on how it builds networks in the UKTelling.. The British Conservative Party has also called for the removal of Huawei products from the telecommunications network due to national security concerns.

In the US, the Trump administration issued an order in May 2019 to ban US companies from buying foreign-made telecommunications equipment, as it could pose a national security risk. The order was extended last week until May 2021. Administrative orders by the Trump administration do not name any particular company. However, it is generally recognized that the purpose of the order is to exclude products from Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE. Huawei, meanwhile, has consistently denied the US allegation that it may have backdoored the product due to the involvement of the Chinese government.

President Trump is said to have had an open discussion with the British side earlier this year, showing the possibility of the US reconsidering its partnership with Britain in intelligence operations.

Prime Minister Johnson limited the use of Huawei products in UK 5G and fiber optic networks to a maximum of 35%, and banned them from being used in devices that are especially sensitive. However, it is estimated that it will cost about 500 million pounds (about 65.5 billion yen) to protect the upper limit, and it will be even more expensive to remove Huawei products. The UK has set a goal of supplying fiber optics to all homes by 2033, which could be difficult to achieve without Huawei products.

"The security and resilience of our network is particularly important," a UK government spokesman told Reuters.

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