Ella wearing McLaren orange | Second custom by MSO

It is famous that McLaren's brand color is orange. It began when Bruce McLaren painted the M6A Can-Am in orange in 1967. This was his first victory in Gangnam, with orange becoming the iconic McLaren brand.

And this time, McLaren's bispark division, MSO, unveiled the McLaren Elva wearing orange. The other day, MSO unveiled the Elva, which was colored inspired by M1A when Bruce McLaren entered the Canadian GP in 1964, and is a sequel to that. The orange body, inspired by the M6A, has a pearl finish, giving a more calm impression than the original one. It is also a point that the side has a metallic stripe as a tribute to Kannam Car. Also includes the "McLaren Cars" logo and the signature of Bruce McLaren. The interior is bright in color and has a gorgeous impression combined with the orange body.

In the future, there is a good possibility that Elva with motifs such as racing cars of the 1980s will be produced. I look forward to the announcement.

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