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Elon Musk queried Cybertruck's window cracking incident and said it was "good advertisement"-Engadget Japan


Tesla CEO Elon Musk held an AMA (Ask Me Anything: Mask but you have any questions?) Session with Hack Club, a computer programming group for high school students in the US I replied that it was a good advertisement for the rights. When Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck in November 2019, Musk CEO claimed that the polygonal electric pickup truck was virtually bulletproof. And in order to demonstrate its ruggedness on stage, Mr. Franz von Holzhausen, the design manager, was raised to the stage and the door panel was hit with a huge hammer. Although he appealed to the audience for the toughness of the body with no flaws or dents at all, in the continued shot put demonstration on the window glass,I got into a big blunder with a big crack in the glass.

At the AMA by Hack Club, one of the high school students asked Musk about this episode and asked what he thought when he cracked the window glass.

Despite something that I wouldn't normally like to touch, the CEO smiled and said, "I was throwing the ball in the test in advance, so I was really surprised when it didn't work in production." . Furthermore, "I think that when Franz hit the door with a hammer, there was a defect such as a broken glass corner, which caused a big crack when the shot was shot," he speculated about the situation at the time. I told you.

However, Mask CEOs said that at the time, in the worst case, they were prepared to demo again at the opposite door, revealing that the glass breaking was not completely unexpected. "It wasn't too bad (eventually)," said Cybertruck, who was in the spotlight due to the high coverage of this happening, which helped boost bookings thereafter. Also, the electric ATV that was continuously announcedCyberquad"The event probably saved the event," he added.

By the way, Tesla will laterReleased T-shirts with the window cracks printed on them as Tesla official goods, I show to the fans that even if it falls, it will not happen for free.

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