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Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that a hackathon will be held at home about four weeks later. The hackathon will also include Tesla's AI and Autopilot development teams. The invitation will be sent out soon, and Mask says, "It will be a fun AI party."

Speaking of Elon Mask, AI and artificial intelligence are not always worse than before, but they operate autonomously apart from human control, so if you move to full-fledged AI you will want to use it as a weapon eventually In 2018, the nonprofit Future of Life Institute (FLI) stated that “ I want to remove the risk of starting to take lives ''Signed a pledge of non-autonomous killing weapons development with AIdoing.

Nevertheless, the mask itself is also thinking about actively using AI to make people's lives better now, and in 2019 founded an AI research and development company Neuralink by himself, and humans originally possessed To get more powerResearch on brain implanted chipsAnd to further enhance the automatic driving function Autopilot of Tesla vehiclesAcquire AI startup companyI also do.

Mask CEO responded to a question from a follower asking, "Do I have to have a Ph.D on AI research to be invited?" "The important thing is to be familiar with AI and implement neural networks in a practical way Ability, even high school graduates are fine. "

Tesla's semi-automatic driving function Autopilot also realizes that function with AI processing, and Mask CEO said, “ Soon more than 1 million connected cars worldwide will be interconnected and fully automatic driving You have the necessary sensors and computing power. "

Musk is reportedly owning several homes around Los Angeles. It is not yet clear where the hackathons will be held and how to participate in this hackathon, but if you are proud of an AI expert and want to be called to Mr. Musk's home, visit the Tesla website It is inAutopilot Developer Recruitment FormAround may be a foothold.

Probably that dayDJ maskShould bring the place to life.

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