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Elon Musk wins defamation lawsuit from British diver. Tongue battle in a cave disaster in 2018-Engadget Japan version

Does Mr. Musk feel that he was overstated by calling Mr. Answorth "sus", "pedo guy"?I apologized once and deleted the tweet. However, a few days later, what I thought was reopened in an email to BuzzFeed, reassuring Mr. Answorth as "Child rapist" and argued that he was not complaining because his statement was correct. And Mr. Answorth asked for damages of $ 190 million (about 20.6 billion yen) as Mr. Musk's remarks were defamationDecided to file a complaint.

But last week in Los Angeles, Musk's lawyer argued that Musk's series of remarks and tweets were just rhetoric and never claimed facts about Mr. Answorth. Expand. Mr. Musk said, “I was insulted by him first, so he insulted me back.” “Pedo guy” stands for “a spooky old man”Not trueNo one has received it as it is. Mr. Answorth hasn't really said that he should stab the submarine into his butt, ”he said.

As a result, the claim that Mr. Answorth was not damaged was dominant, and Mr. Answorth earned some income by talking about this matter, and it was judged that he was not compensated It is.

By the way, Mr. Answorth's compensation of $ 190 million is less than 1% of Mr. Musk's total assets.

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