Emerging market Outlook: demand booming,the earnings peak in the circulation ransacked to

*15:26JST emerging market Outlook: demand booming,the earnings peak in the circulation ransacked to
Golden Week holidays sandwiching 2 weeks of emerging markets, the index return is accelerated,during the transaction period is 1 month 24 days since the highest level is hurting its performance. 5 month 8 days of mothers buying and selling price 2016 Years 5 months 18 days since,and 4 years of size. In Japan a new type of corona virus of new cases decreased in Europe and the United States of economic activity resumption to expect from the stock market prices overall sentiment is not improving. Mothers in the new Corona in response to the expected bio-related stocks and the use of the service is likely to expand to Internet-related stocks around the investment capital is gathered. Incidentally, 4 on 27 November from 5-8th day of the percentage change in the Nikkei average is+4.8% for the Mothers Index rose+10.8%,the Nikkei JASDAQ average is+3.6 percent.

Individually, the Mothers market capitalization of the top of the list<4385>The relevant period 17. 2%high. The 3rd quarter is a deficit increase, but future profit and loss to expect improved voice came out. Also, ransacked the pillars of the new corona virus vaccines in the development of attention to Jess<4563>At the same 38. 1% High. Temporary Mothers market capitalization at the 2-position, emerged in all markets trading the top that day was. The other, the period of mothers buying and selling price higher in the UUUM<3990>And Aiming<3911>Greatly high. Lift the top to human metabolome technologies<6090>Such as I was. On the other hand, medley<4480>And Delta-Fly Pharma<4598>The expectation is high,the rate of decline in the top to face out. Carrier flagship is also powered<7564>The 10. 7%high,harmonic drive systems<6324>The 9. 7% higher and in General strong. However, the network performance after the earnings announcement to after the scene where there was. The sales price higher in the process<4978>Such as buy predominant. Also, Terra<2191>The period of the carrier lift the. On the other hand, delivery Museum<2484>Such as selling predominated in the Access Group・HD<7042>And Chukyo Pharmaceuticals<4558>But the rate of decline in the top to face out.

This week’s emerging markets, Financial Results, etc. to clue and circulation ransacked the flow of the meal. Last week Angers of such popular funds focused on these stocks at the end of last week’s plunge in stocks supply and demand deterioration,immediate adjustments may be. That said, the new Corona Effect of concern from the Laggards were stocks also funds head start, and private investors, mainly small and medium-type strain to a ransacked motivation is still strong and seen. Start-UPS, the announcement of the financial results for the peak,ransacked the clue material that would.

This week, 5 on 11 November in Seria<2782>,Amazia<4424>Lawyers dot com<6027>The main course<6787>On the 12th, the Japanese McDonald HD<2702>The rack<3857>,JTOWER<4485>Toyo synthetic industry<4970>Autonomous control systems laboratory<6232>On the 13th, HENNGE<4475>That’s it’s not a group<4565>The nano-carrier<4571>A peer<6095>14 days to test<3923>The user base<3966>,Medley, Helios<4593>,Toei Animation<4816>On the 15th, Chatwork<4448>The BASE<4477>Free<4478>A harmonic, such as the earnings announcement scheduled to be. Expectations of high SaaS[software・as・a・service] company focusing on attention that.

IPO-related,holiday bright new newly listed companies has not been announced. And sales restrictions in securities companies is in underwriting, cautious, and a new IPO presented is for the time being do not count. 《FA》

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