Emerging market Outlook: earnings before profit movement, the IPO is remote, such as 2 companies

*17:59JST emerging market Outlook: earnings before profit movement, the IPO is remote, such as 2 companies
This week’s emerging markets, the Nikkei Stock Average and the Mothers Index, the Nikkei JASDAQ average also fell. Domestic and international economic indicators and corporate earnings deteriorating,the new corona virus infection growing financial markets in General risk-averse movement that has spread. Moreover, the trading value of the previous week is reduced. 4-6 month period financial results announcement is in full swing TSE 1st Section stocks the value of movement is greater,of private investors ransacked is the upper limit of heavy for mothers to shift from that. Incidentally, the weekly percentage change in the Nikkei average-4.6% in the Mothers Index-5.4%,the Nikkei JASDAQ average-2.5 percent.

Individually, the Mothers market capitalization of the top of the list<4385>Is Weeks 1. 9%cheap and free<4478>Is the same 10. 3% cheap, lawyers dot com<6027>Is the same 10. 0%cheap and soft play stood out. Lawyers com is the 1 quarter earnings and sales, extending on the one hand, advertising is the only substantial decline was. Trading top is Aiming<3911>The GMO front gate<4051>Fall. Also, NATTY SWANKY<7674>Most weeks the rate of decline in the top to face out. On the other hand, BASE<4477>The 9. 6%high and steady. PCR inspection apparatus the launch of the refrain from that class・action status<7707>And earnings upward revision announced the Corporation<7689>Rose sharply,restaurant and hotel business<6176>Is rate the. Carrier flagship in Japan, McDonald HD<2702>The 9. 7%cheap,Harmonic Drive Systems<6324>The 4. 7%cheap and soft. Trading top in Terra<2191>For sale,di・Nikko engineering<6635>Most weeks of the carrier at the rate of decline in the top to face out. On the other hand, the 1st quarter announced financial results for Toei Animation<4816>The 6. 9%high and steady,stream media content<4772>Is rate the. In the IPO, the 7 month 31 day place of Japan information creative<4054>And The Sun Asterisk<4053>All published prices 7 crack just above the opening with.

Next week’s emerging markets, the index continues to be weak, and deployment of it. This weekend, the Nikkei average is 1 October through weak expansion, The Mothers Index is lower astringent it is also the scene that was seen. Bargain the desire of the roots and strength in the past, the major companies of financial results the content is light and dark is that as the emerging strains in the Earnings Before Profit of the sale, I would. Start-UPS of the earnings will gradually increase, but short-term ransacked continue to TSE-1 Stocks for and considered.

Next week,8 November 4 automation<7716>On the 6th, left or right in message view to navigate between messages,7 days to Ignis<3689>,HENNGE<4475>,JTOWER<4485>Toyo synthetic industry<4970>,Harmonic,main course<6787>Such earnings are planned. Click the link below to find out more about the push-up will help function as the main series, but this results in the expected full distribution of total expansion impetus with the U.S. business and payment business earnings improvements from such as likely. HENNGE such as expected higher.

IPO-related,8 on 3 day to list<4883>7 days to upgrade your system<4055>And mothers to the new listing. Genome editing technology for drug discovery and development modern, and the feet black to ensure that even popular into it. Also, the property upgrade listing after a 20-day neural pocket<4056>In between the sky, the uncertainty of the strong market environment from investors ‘ desire to take part in can expect to want. 《HK》

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