Emerging market Outlook: emerging markets Shares Fund inflows, IPO long-term hibernation is also the most recent issues is bustling

*15:27JST emerging market Outlook: emerging markets Shares Fund inflows, IPO long-term hibernation is also the most recent issues is bustling
Last week’s emerging markets, click the link below to find out more about the week through the 5th business day after the Nikkei JASDAQ average in the 4 months 17 days to 10 business days to investigate your. In the United States a new type of coronavirus infection, the expansion peak and the view of strong economic resumption expectations for the U.S. stock higher as the Nikkei Stock Average to rise. Emerging market investor sentiment has improved, and growth expectations per the buyers entered. Incidentally, the weekly percentage change in the Nikkei average+2.0% for the Mothers Index was+10.3%,the Nikkei JASDAQ average is+3.4 percent. Click the link below to find out more about the last week of the field as expected and return to the pace, followed by 3 early level of recovery.

Individually, the Mothers market capitalization of the top of the list<4385>Is weeks 23. 5% High, free<4478>The same 19. 2%high,Sansan<4443>The same 23. 2%and large rises. Trading top is a new Corona vaccine development for the digital<4563>The most recent listing of cyber security in the cloud<4493>And through<9326>Telemedicine-related medley<4480>Most significantly was higher. Information through the previous year, a substantial increase of earnings is also evaluated. Also, a new drug entered into a joint development agreement for the Rex<4586>The stock price is about 2. 1 times and was. On the other hand, the fiscal year forecast was revised downward UUUM<3990>Is weak,GMO media<6180>Most weeks the rate of decline in the top to face out. Carrier flagship in Japan, McDonald HD<2702>The 5. 1% high,the<2782>The 4. 2%was higher. The<7564>The 0. 9%increase and a modest rise,retail, food and other domestic shares were relatively strong it was. Trading higher in the delivery Hall<2484>And process<4978>Buy dominant,food container demand increase is expected in the Central chemical<7895>Most weeks of the carrier rate higher in the face out. On the other hand, Harmonic Drive Systems<6324>Is the 1. 6%cheap and weak,業績下方修正 of the lens<8886>But the rate of decline the.

This week’s emerging markets, click the link below to find out more about the profit of selling these new, but movements can be expected to continue. In the US, Netflix or Amazon・Dot・Com and tech stocks are listed on the coming high updated. New Corona under the influence of the Internet services such as demand is expected to increase,the low interest rate environment of prolonged observation These process [and growing] share of the Boost material. Japan’s emerging share in the same can be said for the stock price volatility[volatility]of the lower investment return, and ransacked gathered and considered.

This week, 4 on May 21 primary care<4479>On 24, Okinawa cellular telephone<9436>Such earnings are planned. Yet start-UPS earnings announcement is not a lot, a operation of the high-growth continues to be noticed would. Also, the major companies of the 23rd to the disco<6146>And OMRON<6645>On 24, Advantest<6857>And Fanuc<6954>Such as earnings announcement, there is an emerging market in the semiconductor・FA[factory automation]related stocks affected by it.

IPO-related,all that remains from the plus listing for the announcement. 4 November 6 was listed on Matsuya access application window<7317>Subsequent cases have all discontinued trapped on the Golden sandwiching the long-term IPO suspension period that was. The other recent IPO stocks crowded to the circumstances behind being. Incidentally, the beginning of the year IPO of the latter are 18 companies, and in 2001, 22 companies approaching to increase. 《FA》

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