Emerging market Outlook: one rebounds and also wary mood, and dark, IPO 3 companies appeared

*15:12JST emerging market Outlook: one rebounds and also wary mood, and dark, IPO 3 companies appeared
Last week’s emerging markets, click the link below to find out more about the 3 weeks more significantly, rising 600pt units recovered. Japanese and U.S. monetary easing and the strengthening in the background,the Nikkei Stock Average in the week 2836. 60 yen, the largest ever up width and record. Emerging markets risk-averse selling is softened in the previous week, fell heavily to the main series<4385>Just click the link below to find out more about the contribution of the large stocks will rebound, however. However, this rough value by the movement of the stock price fell down. Incidentally, the weekly percentage change in the Nikkei average+17.1% for the Mothers Index is+11.7%,the Nikkei JASDAQ average is+8.3 percent.

Individually, the Mothers market capitalization of the top of the list is Week 35. 0%High,Media<2121>The same 21. 5% higher,JMDC<4483>The same 27. 9%was higher. Cash conventional than expected decrease of the width is forecast to decrease today,JMDC, such as medical-related venture as a bustling. Trading top is a new corona virus vaccines in the development of attention to Jess<4563>Greatly high. Also, in the real world<3691>And package copy<3479>Week of mothers rate the top to face out. On the other hand, a week before the strong rebound showed Sansan<4443>Is the recoil the same on the 20. 2%cheap, and good speed<7676>But the rate of decline the. Carrier flagship in the<7564>The 9. 0%High,harmonic drive systems<6324>The same 13. 4% higher,Toei Animation<4816>The same 18. 7%high and rise significantly. Network and Toei Animation and is part of brokerage investment decisions raising is observed. Seria<2782>The profit of the seller is also out the 0. 3% cheap. Also, fonfun<2323>And Chukyo Pharmaceuticals<4558>A week of carrier rate on top,mini type electric<6898>Such as the rate of decline higher in each face out. The IPO has 4 companies in new listings,3 month 26 days of dish<7093>And cyber security in the cloud<4493>Were cracked and a steady opening form was.

This week’s emerging markets, click the link below to find out more about the return of the dull could be. Last week this column pointed out, the credit valuation profit and loss of deterioration due to retail investors selling in the absence of the immediate rebound expected I have click the link below to find out more about the one 500pt units to take. However, mothers buying and selling price is 500 billion yen depressed the day which were weak. The new corona of the spread of infection and the value of movement of the roughness relative to the years from the aggressive trading is restrained and,for the time being, the new inflow of funds is expected to do.

New Corona ominous in JMDC, such as medical-related venture businesses is expected, with reports of<4480>The most recent in high Update and strong movements. These are the continued attention so a week, instead of browsing for trends and,Sansan, such as lower thrusting from the subsequent decline in demand following the front-loaded assuming you want to. Incidentally, this week 3 October 30 feed force<7068>,4 November 3 to Kasumigaseki capital<3498>End motion<4394>Such earnings are planned.

IPO-related,3 month 30 days to the NexTone<7094>Is mothers to the new software<1444>Is NSE Centrex to 31 days, Macbee Planet<7095>Are mothers to each new listing. NexTone and Macbee is the growth expectations are high on the other hand, public scale and large point collar, and so on. Also, last week is my test<2984>[4 month 28 days,the TSE 2nd section] and the GMO front gate<4051>[4 month 30 days, mothers]of a new listing is released on the other hand, 2 companies listed on the take down have also been announced. 《FA》

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