Emerging market Outlook: year-end and New Year holidays towards the”small and medium-sized stock market”, and the IPO rush at the end

*15:26JST emerging market Outlook: year-end and New Year holidays towards the”small and medium-sized stock market”, and the IPO rush at the end
Last week’s emerging markets, the Nikkei JASDAQ average is 11 consecutive weeks to rise on the other hand, the Mothers Index for 3 consecutive weeks fell. 12 months of the IPO rush peak,the Nikkei Stock Average on the lull by investors of the IPO stocks ransacked is extremely active. 12 month 20 days the stock price is 1711 billion yen increase. However, IPO Stocks click the link below to find out more about the to be incorporated before direct impact, as the bio<4592>The sharp depreciation of such index, then press and hold. The JASDAQ is the<7564>Strong movements continued. Incidentally, the weekly percentage change in the Nikkei average-0.9% were the Mothers Index-1.5%,the Nikkei JASDAQ average is+0.6 percent.

Individually, the aforementioned services online is week 39. 8%cheaper, and the rate of decline in the top was. Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd<4506>And regenerative cell medicine joint development and license agreements to be announced,day after day in the cheap with. It’s not a group<4565>The 1. 8%cheap, as well as other bio-related stocks also weak was. A week before the listing was ALiNK to the Internet<7077>The expectation that prevails, the earnings forecast was revised downward double<7683>The decline in the rate 2 position in the UK. On the other hand, get the<4385>The 5. 1% high and<3923>The 10. 4% high and steady. A week before the listed primary care<4479>The upper limit up of the deployment, and no zoom<3496>Just lift the top to face out. Carrier flagship is powered with the same 5. 3% high,the<2782>The 4. 7%high and steady. This is the first time the 1 million yen mark on. Trading top in・Western・therapy Technology Institute<4576>Such as a large rise in the diamond trade<7462>A week of carrier rate and was. On the other hand, Harmonic Drive Systems<6324>The 2. 1% cheap and soft, the largest software<3851>And Otsuka furniture<8186>But the rate of decline in the top to face out. The IPO has 12 companies in New Listings, Featured Free<4478>The center opening strong with a series, as after much bustling.

This week’s emerging markets, year-end and New Year holidays towards the individual entities of small and medium-sized share prices have a long way to go to do it. The Nikkei stock average of the upper limit of the weight from the individual investors ransacked the small-to-medium-size stocks towards and will continue to do so. 12 months of the IPO rush at the end, but the beginning of the year after the IPO blank period and you IPO stocks ransacked active and is expected to. Also, such as relatively large IPO goes through,this stock price is adjusted for mothers but also for financial return and is expected to rebound.

Recent issues in primary care and JTOWER<4485>Future earnings growth is expected to securities companies to these reports, free various media and been featured in growth expectations is growing. Existing stocks in the light of the buy-back continued as expected. Incidentally, this week is a 12 month 26 days to the delivery Hall<2484>, Optoelectronics<6664>At the 27th software version<2186>In Japan, the process<9651>Such earnings are planned. Delivery Hall is a”meal”of expanding the benefits of what is expected, we are also upfront in addition to prospects.

IPO-related,including 5 new listings that have been scheduled. Listed on the 2nd section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the spot liquor sales of Yas<7686>The Tokyo-profile is relatively high, but the published size is somewhat large. AI [artificial intelligence] using OCR[optical character reading]to provide services AIinside<4488>Such as opening the highly anticipated seems to have. In 2019, the last IPO 12 on 26, the Shanghai area sports field<7080>In,”掉尾 of the single element”to the expectations of it. 《FA》

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