Emerging markets Outlook: ALiNK, such as skin cut in an IPO rush, a small cap preference is also envisaged

*14:57JST emerging markets Outlook: ALiNK, such as skin cut in an IPO rush, a small cap preference is also envisaged
Last week’s emerging markets, the Nikkei Stock Average as well as the Mothers Index also little hope that things would improve anytime soon. Click the link below to find out more about the week in the first half to 7 months since 920pt units to recover the scene, there were[during the transaction period], then the immediate profit to determine the selling out the upper limit of the heavy deployment was. Small material stocks and recent IPO stocks of circulation ransacked continued,click the link below to find out more about further pushing that will. On the other hand, the Nikkei JASDAQ average on the weekend until 11 business days after and have been. Incidentally, the weekly percentage change in the Nikkei average is+0.3% for the Mothers Index-0.4%,the Nikkei JASDAQ average is+1.3 percent.

Individual in in<4385>Is weeks 5. 7%cheaper in Sansan<4443>The 1. 9%is high, but it’s not a group<4565>The 1. 2%high and the market capitalization of the top is high just. Care piece<3479>The closing out sale is from only the 10. 0%it was. Also, Welby<4438>And HD<6067>The previous week rose to rebound in weeks of the rate of decline in the top to face out. On the other hand, trading the top is the most recent IPO stocks twenty four seven<7074>Performance upward revision announced the GNI group<2160>Greatly high. Also, Nakamura carbide<6166>Week of mothers rate the. Carrier flagship in the<7564>The 4. 5% high. 11 January same-store sales fell 2 percent of sales were. Seria<2782>The 2. 4% high and steady. McDonald’s Japan HD<2702>Is 11 months of monthly trends website, the poor, the same 0. 6%cheap it was. Trading higher in Japan software<3851>Delivery resumed the game of the strong to receive the rebound, and the strong result and government economic policy over the speculation from the buying gathered heart escort<4699>A week of carrier rate were. On the other hand, people<7865>And Tatsumi<7268>But the rate of decline in the top to face out. The IPO is the name of the South China M&A<7076>Is NSE Centrex to the new listing, and publish a price 4 percent above the was opening with.

This week’s emerging markets, small and medium-type strain of circulating ransacked there would follow,click the link below to find out more about the further push up yet either. This week from the 12 months of the IPO rush begins, and large-scale projects are numerous, given the fact that the private investors for book-building participation, accompanied by the funds constraint have to be considered. Also, a new listing is ransacked to gather such,click the link below to find out more about the direct impact. Small and medium-type strain ransacked and active,being expect also a larger setback does not seem to be more a small sum of funds in the price range out of small-cap stocks preference strong May.

This week, 12 month 9 days to GA technologies<3491>On the 10th, business systems<4441>, Silver Line<9262>On the 12th, the cell source<4880>On the 13th, Germany marks the<2978>,Morpho<3653>My business<4431>San Bio<4592>Jay block<7073>Of load<7803>Such earnings are planned. Bustling activity followed by cell source is listed for the first time after the announcement of financial results and.

IPO-related,12 month 10 days of ALiNK Internet<7077>And techno Flex<3449>Starting Week 4 company is a new listing. Weather professional site management of ALiNK small size of the IPO as the opening expectations, a management of care<4479>And large is to jump on the bandwagon in business, which has attracted the interest even more. Medical and nursing care for job sites such as medley<4480>Supply and demand concerns upfront however, the reality of the valuation is relatively higher. 《FA》

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