Emerging markets Outlook: Middle East Concern, a potion in the small and medium-type strain ransacked, and 19 in the IPO combination, such as in anticipation

*16:21JST emerging markets Outlook: Middle East Concern, a potion in the small and medium-type strain ransacked, and 19 in the IPO combination, such as in anticipation
New Year of the emerging markets, the Nikkei Stock Average as well as click the link below to find out more about the most eventful of the deployment was. The situation in the East deteriorated to the concerns of the rise,1 on May 8, Iran Ambassador to Iraq US bases to attack and is transmitted to emerging market risk aversion for the purpose of selling spread. Click the link below to find out more about the 12 last year lows below 860pt around and plunged the scene that there was,throughout the financial markets calm down and click the link below to find out more about the value returned. On the other hand, the Nikkei JASDAQ average is since last year highs of updates followed. Incidentally, 12 month 30 Days 1 month 10 days of the change rate of Nikkei average is+0.1% in the Mothers Index-2.0%,the Nikkei JASDAQ average is+1.9 percent.

Individually, the Mothers market capitalization of the top of the list<4385>Synchronization between 1. 6%cheap and<3923>The 5. 4% cheap and soft it was. Nano-carrier<4571>Is pancreatic cancer drug submitted for approval and the announcement of the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting indicated that interest rates are,GNI group<2160>Also the profit selling pushed values down,this period the rate of decline in the top to face out. On the other hand, 19 the first half of the spot sets of a corner expectations from the buyers, collecting Sansan<4443>The 5. 6%high, free<4478>The 8. 1% was higher. Sansan is the market capitalization at the 2-position have emerged. Also, the Internet advertising operations on behalf of the company a consolidated subsidiary announced the feed force<7068>Is the rate of change and the most recent listing of the cyber・buzz<7069>Also was crowded. Carrier flagship in the<7564>The 5. 5% cheap and soft. 12 month same-store sales remained strong, but the surprise is the lack of seems. On the other hand the<2782>Existing store sales fell however, this deterioration is coming to a halt, mainly because of the and received,the 12. 8%was higher. Harmonic Drive Systems<6324>The 4. 9%cheap. New tech<6734>The earnings announcement before the moving means with,in this period the stock price is approximately 2. 3 times was. On the other hand, at the end of last year from the big gainers for the ETS HD<1789>Such as this period, the carrier rate of decline top to face out.

This week in the emerging markets of the Middle East situation over the market turmoil to a halt,private investors and small and medium-type strain ransacked again active and I hope that. 1 on 15 November in the US-China trade talks in Phase 1 of the agreement signed ahead, later this month from 10-12 months ended earnings is in full swing and, as the Nikkei Stock Average is a high area of contact and it only. A big price range we were aiming for ransacked the small-and mid-sized growth stocks and themes stocks towards or considered.

This week, 1 on 14 October on the property market peak<3479>,UUUM<3990>Money forward<3994>Team spirit<4397>,Sansan, Rosetta<6182>Such earnings are planned. 19 first half field a pair of Sansan is the 1st quarter are favorable in starting was only this 2nd quarter higher expectations of it. Money forward is still the upfront period,team spirit profit growth this fiscal year the landing is expected, but sales of high growth followed from the attention. Also, with the beginning of”Tokyo Olympics””5G [next-generation communication standards] such as”the major investment theme to explore movement and also Lively seem.

IPO-related,12 month 30 Days 1 month 10 days New new of listed companies, the announcement was not. At the moment the announcement date of the IPO is the active<7081>[2 November 7, JASDAQ], mobile security<7082>[2 months 7 days, mothers]of 2 companies. Level is 20, the mode is 22 days to the formal conditions of the decision are planned. 《HK》

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