Emerging markets Outlook: the adjustment in demand and supply glare of a strong IPO of 2 company appointments

*15:05JST emerging markets Outlook: the adjustment in demand and supply glare of a strong IPO of 2 company appointments
Last week’s emerging markets, the Nikkei Stock Average is 22000 yen at the bottom hard to find, and click the link below to find out more about the steep pitch of the adjustment strong. The previous weekend almost recovered 1067. 29pt[trading hours]with the upper limit becomes heavy,1010pt units located in 25-day moving average line to interrupt at just the lower legs quickened. The last of the column as pointed out,individual investors buying capacity decreased as it would. Corona ominous in the expectations for bio・healthcare-related stocks, focusing on this click the link below to find out more about the rise of the so good brand name in the closing out sale is not. Incidentally, the weekly percentage change in the Nikkei average-0.9% were the Mothers Index-6.6%,the Nikkei JASDAQ average is-2.8 percent.

The individual in the digital<4563>Is Week 22. 0%cheaper and plummet. The new corona virus vaccine clinical trials started,one material out and received seems. Other mothers market capitalization of the top is free<4478>The 3. 1% cheap and<3923>The 3. 1% cheap and soft it was. Trading top healthcare-related class・action status<7707>And significantly cheaper, and the previous week were listed on the program guide<4497>And feature<4052>If the seller prevails. Also, the back Co<7325>Most weeks the rate of decline in the top to face out. On the other hand, get the<4385>The 6. 9% higher,the AI inside<4488>The 5. 3% high and firm,Full touch full touch<2586>And rims<4599>Is the rate higher in the face out. Carrier flagship is powered<7564>Of the 2. 3% higher, except in Japan, McDonald HD<2702>Of the 4. 8%cheap,Harmonic Drive Systems<6324>Of the 4. 5% cheaper, and in General weak. Also, ANAP<3189>Most weeks of the carrier at the rate of decline higher in the I・copy・end<4335>Just lift the top on each face out. In the IPO the previous week from the opening carryover was Commerce OneHD<4496>It is 6 Months 29 days place of blending<6599>And the 30th place of the<7351>All published price of 4 times back and forth and opening with.

This week’s emerging markets, click the link below to find out more about the adjusted trend is likely to continue there. Popular strain of buying on credit left to organize relatively quickly ahead of that, click the link below to find out more about the 3 month with lows 527. 30pt[trading hours]from the most recent highs in almost droning rose to you for a reasonable adjustment would be there. It had a good stock supply and demand and price trend is largely collapsed stocks return to wait for the selling, and being.

However, EC[electronic Commerce]Association of alkaline and BASE<4477>And this is a rising trend to maintain the stock supply and demand is relatively good would. Corona scourge brought by the new normal[new normal] in the emerging strain against the expectations and High, other stocks are also stocks supply and demand the improvement of the situation from the bargain-hunting stance in the fifth year. Incidentally, this week 7 October 7 Freund<6312>On the 10th, broccoli<2706>End motion<4394>A process<4978>Such earnings are planned.

IPO-related,7 on 7 day Branding Engineer<7352>Are mothers to 10 days to Speee<4499>Is carrier to each new listing. This opening soaring vigilant against the mood the more seems to come out, but also individual investors of the opening buy is still active would. Also, last week the identity end<4055>[8 month 7 days, mothers]of the new listings have been published. 《FA》

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