Emerging markets Outlook: the mothers, but also popular interest rate rise in the overheat adjustment, and 6 month IPO BB to

*15:05JST emerging markets Outlook: the mothers, but also popular interest rate rise in the overheat adjustment, and 6 month IPO BB to
Last week’s emerging markets, the Mothers Index, the Nikkei JASDAQ average is also rising, but the Nikkei average, compared to growth of Blunt were. Week the first half is emerging strain is popular to continue, click the link below to find out more about the 6 on 1 November,and 1 and a half years 1000pt units to recover. However, mid-week and the exchange rate depreciation of the yen proceeds and interest rates rise,stock markets as a whole process [growth]stocks dominated from the[undervalued]shares dominance of the U.S. changed. Emerging growth stocks the center of the mothers even ahead of the rise in stock prices as stocks focusing on profit of selling out. Incidentally, the weekly percentage change in the Nikkei average is+4.5% in the Mothers Index was+1.4%, the Nikkei JASDAQ average is+1.2 percent.

Individually, the Mothers market capitalization of the top of the list<4385>Is weeks 0. 6% higher and modestly, plus ensure the lawyer online consultation service that you can start your lawyer dot com<6027>The 5. 6% higher and sales were robust. The sales price higher, the stock split announced a cyber security cloud<4493>Chugai<4519>And AI [artificial intelligence] system license agreement FRONTEO<2158>The PCR inspection equipment to class・action status<7707>Such as significantly high. Also, GMO TECH<6026>The share price of the previous week at the end of approximately 2. 1 times and was. On the other hand, when the digital<4563>The 4. 6%, cheap, free<4478>The 4. 2%cheap, and good speed<7676>Such as the rate of decline in the top to face out. Carrier at the flagship McDonald’s Japan HD<2702>The 2. 4% high,powered<7564>The 4. 4% High,harmonic drive systems<6324>The 8. 7% higher and in General strong. McDonald’s and is 5 month sales were particularly strong. Trading top in Terra<2191>Continue significantly higher,zoom<6694>A week of carrier rate and was. On the other hand, the first product<8746>And tree health care HD<3417>But the rate of decline in the top to face out.

This week’s emerging markets, click the link below to find out more on potions to expect…….. it In the United States is the employment of a rapid recovery and interest rates will further rise. The high valuations of growth stocks overvalued sense of strong, sold to promote the factor. Click the link below to find out more about the 3 lows 527. 30pt[trading hours]from last week’s highs 1022. 39pt[the same]until almost droning in on the rise. Individual in the target share price exceeds the investment judgment be raised to adults, and overheating is coming out just this to cool a good timing would be. “Real Corona”, JFE emerging strain of expectation is still high, interest rates 騰勢 potions if popular rekindled it.

Sky luck stocks in the fast-growing economic activities such as resume to the expectations of the stock market prices pushed up, and in emerging markets are also airline tickets booking sites of adventure<6030>Such ransacked headed and will continue to do so. Incidentally, this week is 6 months 9 days access to the Internet<2438>On the 11th, GA technologies<3491>System, rims<4599>On the 12th, my credit<4431>The Link-U<4446>San Bio<4592>Gift<9279>Such earnings are planned. Ramen the operation of the gifts such as you get the feeling to want to focus.

IPO-related in the program guide<4497>[6 month 24 day course, mothers]and the Corporation<7689>[6 month 24 days, mothers]safely temporary conditions presented and passed. This week also 6 early field projects sequentially, if the conditions to the announced Book-Building[BB]enters a period. Incidentally, last week Branding Engineer<7352>[7 on 7 Day, Mothers]of the new listings have been published. 《FA》

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