Emerging markets Outlook: the restrained, following the recent IPO Stocks to people and material・the theme is ransacked

*15:23JST emerging markets Outlook: the restrained, following the recent IPO Stocks to people and material・the theme is ransacked
Last week’s emerging markets, the index has 4 consecutive week of decline. Occurred in China 新型肺炎 the expansion of major corporate earnings ahead of schedule, coupled with the stock market as a whole, wait and see mood strong, click the link below to find out more than a week until the mid-800pt units located in 25-day moving average line sandwiched together. Over the weekend pictures<4385>Is lower feet to speed,click the link below to find out more about down for. On the other hand, the Nikkei JASDAQ average is slightly from 16 consecutive weeks of gains. Incidentally, the weekly percentage change in the Nikkei average-0.9% were the Mothers Index is+1.7%,the Nikkei JASDAQ average is+0.1 percent.

The individual, as described above, a week is 7. 5% cheap. Smartphone payment of Origami announced the acquisition, the market performance concerns are wiped and sold is not. Free<4478>Also the profit selling the upper hand the 8. 8%cheap. Some brokerage firms medium of investment decisions that have granted. On the other hand the same last year 12 beginning of the spot of the JMDC<4483>Is 騰勢 to strengthen the 16. 0%was higher. Mothers trading higher in UUUM<3990>The most weak, the journey workshop<6548>Week of mothers the rate of decline in the top was. On the other hand, the bullish investment decisions was observed JTOWER<4485>And Medley<4480>Is bought,BuySell Technologies<7685>Is rate the. Carrier flagship in Harmonic Drive Systems<6324>The 1. 1% cheap,Seria<2782>The 4. 8%cheap and soft. Is a bearish investment decisions have been observed. The<7564>The 0. 1% High was. Trading top is Antivirus related and from the positioning of the industrial mask that will help Xing research.<7963>And Shigematsu Seisakusho<7980>To buy flooded. Also, the disinfection product to sell Chukyo Pharmaceuticals<4558>1 Week in stock is approximately 2. 1 times and was. On the other hand, Ogura clutch<6408>Last week, the first half lasted until the Buy is completed when Rush Week,investment decision lowered the observation of TGC<4970>Also, weak. Also, this fiscal year, a decline expected of Kyowa consultants<9647>Most weeks of the carrier at the rate of decline in the top to face out.

This week’s emerging markets, click the link below to find out more about the return of the dull expansion as well as the. JMDC and Medley and last year 12 beginning of the spot pairs of the corner, such as to buy out all of,click the link below to find out more about the large impact on the release of corporate earnings is found…. and….. In the most recent 1 day of mothers buying and selling price is 700 ~ 800 billion yen decreased, but 2 months from the announcement are in full swing to start-UPS closing to shut out all active buy and is restrained from it. Relatively value the movement of the light material stocks, the theme strain of the short-term ransacked the center and going.

This week, 1 on 27 lawyers dot com<6027>28 days to access the application<4479>31 Days, United<2497>,Ceria,Toei Animation<4816>Techno horizon HD<6629>,santec<6777>Such earnings are planned. A lawyer is an investment in the strengthening phase, the increased pace of height to keep you can focus. Last year 12 beginning of the fly class is the management of care but also expectations about the content from the attention.

IPO-related in the media<7081>[2 November 7, JASDAQ] is 1 month 28 days, the Motor City<7082>[2 months 7 days, mothers]are 29 days until the book-building period as well. Also, last week the AHC group<7083>[2 month 25 days, mothers],Kids SmileHD<7084>[3 November 4, mothers]of the new listings have been published. This year 3~4 second case that. 《FA》

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