Emi Ogata "To protect my loved ones"

Emi Ogata, a voice actor known for the role of Shinji Ikari in the anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion", appealed to "Please give accurate information", spelling out concerns about using a crowded train while the infection of the new coronavirus continues to spread.

Ogata updated Twitter on the 20th. "I'm on a train that's been packed for a long time on my journey today. Someone started coughing while being close to the gyukyu. A few people noticed that even within a distance of 1m," he said. He spelled out the situation inside, saying, "It is quite scary despite various defense measures."

It's been a long time since I used a crowded train, but I thought, "If you think this every morning and evening …" Please give me accurate information.

In a tweet that follows, "I want to know more about where I become affected now.-How long is the incubation period?-How long is the transfer period to humans from the onset?-If the symptoms subside Would you like to transfer it any more? Or you will be re-affected? "To protect my loved ones, not to get involved. Tell me what to do."

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