Emiko Kaminuma to return to 6.1 after making a radio appearance

In response to the government's declaration of an emergency associated with the spread of new coronavirus infection, Emiko Uenuma [65], who has withheld the appearance of ABC radio "Emiko Uenuma's Heart Clear Sky" from April 13 due to the station's consideration, Jun 1 Returning from the day was announced on the 25th broadcast.

Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo were released from the emergency declaration on the 21st. Shinpei Kitamura, 35, from the station said, “I think many listeners might have been waiting in front of the radio to see if Kaminuma-san will return from this week. I'm sorry. Is taking a break. "

The station will check the infection prevention and safety measures of the performers properly, and will gradually return to normal broadcasting, Anna Kitamura said, "I plan to have Mr. Uenuma return from Monday, June 1st next week. Please be patient for another week ".

Even on the broadcast on the 18th, Anna Kitamura said, "We are preparing for us to return to Mr. Uenuma if we will continue to do this from June 1 as it is," 6 He announced that he would return from the 1st of the month.

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